Irish Diamond Shawl Progress Report #8

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Soo so close and getting closer every day I work on it. I was asked "How happy are you?". In response I said it is like a real good book, can't wait to complete it but sad to when it ends.

I've got about 17 rows to go with over 700 stitches per row. Not a lot in the grand scheme but several days still...

Keeping this short, wait for the final stitch and a pic before blocking.

Til next time


P.S. Finished ball #7 last night and will probably have 2 of my 10 balls left over.


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Hmmm, you'd better frog back

Hmmm, you'd better frog back to row 12- I spotted a mistake.

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that is so *cruel*.

that is so *cruel*. ;)


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"but sad too when it

"but sad too when it ends."

The thing to do is always start another project before this one ends. Hell, have 3, 4 or more going at the same time!!

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I feel that way coming to

I feel that way coming to the end of a project too, but the blocking, especially w/a shawl makes it exciting. Once I put the shawl in for a soak I can hardly wait to get it squeezed out and blocked. Then, waiting for it to dry...I feel like a kid on a long car trip, "Is it dry yet? Is it dry yet? How close to dry is it?" Fortunate that I only have myself to drive crazy w/that question though.

Looking forward to pictures of the blocked and finished shawl!


Beautiful texture, nice

Beautiful texture, nice pattern, excellent color choice. Nicely done sir, nicely done!

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"but sad too when it ends."

"but sad too when it ends."

That's so true - I think of it as postpartum depression.

It's looking really good though, really good.


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Love the texture you are

Love the texture you are getting.

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