Drop 85

Charge up the printer ink and get the paper in the tray...For those of you looking for the Scandanavian Drop patterns these are now available free on-line.  I ordered the Drop 85 pattern book and the company very kindly retuned my PayPal payment explaining that in due course the Drop patterns are to be available free online.  At the moment they are gradually uploading them (and translating them into English).  Not only have I saved £9 but am furiously printing off loads of fantastic patterns! Take note! you have to click on the national flag for the knitting instructions.  If you click on the picture you only get an enlarged photo. 


What a find, totally

What a find, totally amazing. Thanks Simon, you are a star. 

Knit away, knit away

Thank You, Simon!  I wasn't

Thank You, Simon!  I wasn't aware of the Drop patterns but those in book 85 look great.  I love the classic lines of them.

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I love the Drops patterns -

I love the Drops patterns - the cut, the drape - all aspects of design look great. I ordered 85 awhile back, and the English translations are hard to read, as they are printed on dark blue paper. This web version is much friendlier on the eyes! Thanks for this weblink - what a great resource!