70s jumper scarf

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finished this a while ago but it think its my favourite scarf ive knitted - despite not loving orange!
i remember having a hand me down jumper that looks similar.

now im working on a green moss stitch scarf that is taking foreveeeer due to 5mm needles.


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What is the stich in the

What is the stich in the scarf - its very nice I would like to make one myself?

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its just moss stitch and two

its just moss stitch and two rows of each colour apart from the ends obviously.

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I like the colour of your

I like the colour of your scarf. It looks very refreshing. I would also like to see the one you call pistachio. I know I am affected by "happy colours". You mentioned the price of yarn. There are bargains out there and often you can find something good and reasonably priced on sale. I know for example elann always has something on sale.

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the camera isnt very good with colours so thats not really the right colour.

i managed to find some 'forest green' acrylic 100gm for AU$4 a ball today so im happy. it doesnt feel like plastic is its nice.