I would like to know where you found the pattern for the skull beanie ? I have a neice who has leukemia and would really like it if I made it for her !

She was diagnosed when she

She was diagnosed when she was 15 she is now 18 she had bone marrow transplant 2 months ago she just came home yesterday after being in hospital for 3 months . We were surfing web and found this site and she really liked the skull beanie so I told her I would find the pattern no matter what and make it for her . Thanks for the help and my e-mail is

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First, I am SO sorry to hear

First, I am SO sorry to hear about your neice! I hope she is able to win her battle against this formidable foe.
How old is she? I bought a great beanie pattern from SweaterBabe for an adult. It was actually one of the first things I made (in every color!) and it was unbelieavably easy. I'll happily scan it and sent it to you if you'd like to see it. I cannot remember how much Sweater Babe charged, but I also noted that she had a child's version of the same.
Let me know where to send the pattern if that is your wish.

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Hi: I've never made one but


I've never made one but there are patterns on Ravelry for "cancer caps" like this one:

I believe it is free. And you can totally change it up because it is a pretty straight forward pattern.

Great idea to make your neice something pretty as she goes through her treatment. You're a great uncle.