FO-Forest Canopy Shawl

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Here it is, blocking! Done in Jojoland Melody, 2 skeins. VERY easy pattern. Great first-time shawl. Too tired to post more details... ask questions...

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It's just stunning Skip.

It's just stunning Skip. Very well done!

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Lovely shawl, colour, and

Lovely shawl, colour, and photography. Well done. You must be proud of yourself.

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Absolutely beautiful! Where

Absolutely beautiful! Where did the pattern come from?

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Love those long colour runs

Love those long colour runs on the JoJoland. It's one of the few variagated yarns that works with a lot of lace patterns.
What were your dimensions on the shawl? I know a lot of people have said it's more a "shawlette" then a shawl.

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

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Off the top of my head, the

Off the top of my head, the wingspan is about 5'. I'm not sure how "tall" it is, though...

It IS kind of a shawlette. I had to extend the pattern, too, since Jojoland is thinner than the recommended yarn. I did about 15-16 repeats after the initial setup knitting.

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Beautiful, the definition

Beautiful, the definition comes across perfectly. Also, the color variation is sublime.

Fantastic, love it.

Fantastic, love it.

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Exquisite! Looks like a

Exquisite! Looks like a butterfly's wing.

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Beautiful. Like the way you

Beautiful. Like the way you blocked it. I have wished many times I had my mother's old "curtain stretchers". It was an adjustble frame with small nails and she stretched out her curtains and tablecloths after washing them. They would work great for blocking large items. Have tried to find some but not able to.

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Love the subtle colour

Love the subtle colour changes. Out of interest what is it pinned to ? Blocking is new to me :) but I can how it works ..

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What a great job you've

What a great job you've done....superb blocking....beautiful shawl.

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i just love it speechless

i just love it speechless