Bay Scarf

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This was my first attempt at "lace".  I had just taught myself to knit and this was my first real project.  Once I got the hang of it I made quick progress. I think it kind of looks like bamboo!


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Very nice pattern!! Where

Very nice pattern!! Where can I find it?

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That is a beautifully

That is a beautifully elegant pattern.  Did you design it yourself?

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That does look like

That does look like bamboo.  Very beautiful!

Oh wow, that is gorgeous &

Oh wow, that is gorgeous & who is the lucky recipient?

Knit away, knit away

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Drew, it is wonderul. 

Drew, it is wonderul.  Warning, lace work is addictive.  Takes a different element of focus when I am knitting and the results pay off.  I also found that after I began lace work that technically, I improved as a knitter.  Keep at it.

Beautiful work! Lace is so

Beautiful work! Lace is so much fun -- all the counting, ripping out, and reknitting.

Have fun,