Finger Knitting

I have tried finger knitting with thick wool. You can have great fun creating larger structures. You just make your lengths of finger knitting and then construct a vessel/ object.


Oh, I just thought it would

Oh, I just thought it would be cool to make a blanket....Hey, it could be a charity thing! I mean, if I had enough finger knitted stuff, I could use the big chain to knit it up.... always wanted to try that...

Well, it was for completely selfish reasons, really!

I've never been that hot on

I've never been that hot on working things out once I've completed a piece of finger knitting, but if you had any helpful ideas (expressed in idiot proof language) I'd be interested. In reply to MarkFifersMyHero a lot of my fifth graders are into finger knitting. If you had a specific project in mind, I'm sure they might get interested, with appropriate bribes/persuasion...

You know, I've wanted to

You know, I've wanted to recruit a lot of folks to make a huge chain, with which I can knit a blanket on 35s or 50s! I think it would be great! Now, finding an elementary school that would let me draft an entire class into slave labor -- that's the tricky part!