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Wow, I recently moved cross-country and found myself in the cold Buffalo winter... and my friend Ellen made knitting look so fun at our last residency in Vermont that I thought I'd pick it up. Unfortunately nobody I know here knits, so I've been watching online tutorials and playing around. It's all pretty primitive at this point and I'm not absolutely sure I'm doing it right, but I'm starting. That's something, right?


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I'll also welcome you to the

I'll also welcome you to the wonderful, all-consuming world of knitting. It'll be a great new outlet for your creative energies. Did you design your own tattoos?

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Thanks. Why yes I did

Thanks. Why yes I did actually. Yeah, I like it so far because I get to make things, but the way I think about it is different.

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Welcome to the group. I am

Welcome to the group. I am in Little Valley just outside Ellicottville, about 50 miles south east of Buffalo. The puppy is just adorabe! Looking forward to hearing more from you.


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Thanks, I think I sort of

Thanks, I think I sort of drove around that area when I first got here, but could be mistaken. That's Boo. He's a lot bigger at this point.

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OMG! You're in Buffalo, NY!

OMG! You're in Buffalo, NY! So am I! Now you do know someone who knits! I am always the token male knitter at every knitting group or meeting here,so it would be great to have someone else there.

If you are looking for instruction I highly recommend taking classes with Heather at Elmwood Yarn Shop in north Buffalo. Heather is a great instructor, she is also the designer of the Central Park Hoodie. There are other yarn shops I can recommend depending on where you are located. But the thing about Buffalo is, almost everything is located no more than 20 minutes away, LOL.

We also have a knitting circle that meets Monday and Thursday at the Market Cafe in Wegmans on Alberta Dr, across from the Boulevard Mall. We are there from 6:30 to 8:30 pm every week, except for the first Thursday of the month. Feel free to PM me if you need any more info.

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Oh nice. Yay Buffalo. I

Oh nice. Yay Buffalo. I think I went looking for that shop, but it was a Sunday and they had already closed for the day. I would definitely be interested in classes, but am pretty broke at the moment (school and the move)... but maybe in the near future!

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I can understand the being

I can understand the being broke... I was unemployed for 7 months last year. Glad to be working again. You should make it out to Wegmans to join us then. There are plenty of experienced knitters who could help you along.

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Welcome to the wild and

Welcome to the wild and wonderful world of knitting!

Not sure about the pic comments as I see a pug dog, but whatever.

Check out for some good instructional videos for everything from basic to advanced techniques.

I look forward to seeing pics of your finished objects.


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Welcome to MWK. Something

Welcome to MWK.
Something you may want to look into is finding a local yarn shoppe and see if they offer classes, or assistance with knitting if you get stuck. It's also a good way to meet other knitters.

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Well, first of all, welcome

Well, first of all, welcome if you've just joined. Now from your picture, I definitely think you might have erred somewhere. First, knitting in the dark is difficult , especially if you're trying to do a complicated pattern. Second, it looks like you might have lost your needles somewhere. Be very careful where you walk until you find them. And be careful sitting down too. Third, you may want to steer clear of chairs that can spin. Wrapping your body with the yarn is going to make for a very tight knit. You need to loosen up a bit. And finally, yes, starting IS something. You at least overcame the inertia and tried. The trick is to keep on not quitting. Good luck and hope to hear of your progress. ^-^

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Haha thanks and hello. Yeah,

Haha thanks and hello. Yeah, that picture leaves something to be desired, but was the only thing on my desktop when I set up this profile... That's what happens when you mix bad art and knitting I suppose?