Aargh! Turning the corner...

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I know that I know how to do this, and my brain's gone. And so's the book that I know has the directions...
How do I miter the corner on my border? It's short rowing, and I don't do it often enough to remember... anyone help? pleez?
Thank you!


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Hi. Also, in knitting short

Hi. Also, in knitting short rows, it's important to rap the last stitch. Example: If you are knitting 6 stitches and then turning back, you would knit the 6 stitches, bring your yarn forward, slip the 7th stitch as if to knit, bring the yarn to the back, thus wrapping the 7th stitch, then slip the 7th stitch back to left needle, turn and work back. Next time, when you knit 5 stitches, you do the same technique on the 6 stitch. Then, when you are finished with your decreases, and you knit back, you pick up the wrapped stitch and knit it along with the regular stitch. This way you avoid any holes.

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Yup, just knit part of it

Yup, just knit part of it and turn back again until it's what you're after.


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If you hve 7 stitches on

If you hve 7 stitches on your border you knit toward the afghan 6 stitches, turn and knit back. Knit toward the afghan 5 stitches turn and knit back. Knit 4, turn back. NOw reverse and knit 5, turn back, knit six and turn back and now knit six and attach the seventh stitch.