A Pig

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Here's a pig I made last summer.  Ollie will always be the most handsome pig on MWK, but this guy (named "Pig") is royalty in our home.  He's made from an 80-20 cotton-merino blend, which is very soft.  This was a gift for my partner, who fell in love with it in a book we saw at a shop. 

I learned a lot on this, my first "big" project.  Foremost: learn to finish and seam for real before attepting something I intend to wear! 


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ADORABLE!  I want to make

ADORABLE!  I want to make one.  Was he hard to knit?

Longtime faggot, first time knitter.
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Very cute pig!  I've been

Very cute pig!  I've been thinking about trying my hand at some knitted stuffed toys with the warmer months coming up.

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Thank you, Drew, Martin,

Thank you, Drew, Martin, Kiwiknitter, and Lars!  The pattern is in this book:

Knitted Toys (Fiona McTague)

(And here's a different link for the excellent UK folks!) 

The pig is the only thing in the book that I'd consider making, so I don't necessarily recommend the book as a whole.  Also, it seems that the pattern could be converted to a circular pattern, with the possible exception of it's rear end.  As is, it's in two main pieces on straight needles with lots of seaming.

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Beautiful stitches!  Where

Beautiful stitches!  Where did you find the pattern?

So cute!Knit away, knit away

So cute!

Knit away, knit away

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What a fantastic gift!  You

What a fantastic gift!  You did an amazing job on it too!  Congrats! 

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