Cock and Balls (can I say that on MWK?) Donut for Yarn Harlot

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Specialty cock and balls donut (by Voodoo Donut) chocolate filled with bavarian cream.... made for and proudly displayed by Yarn Harlot...Portland, April 22, 08.


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Just made AMbush's hubby's

Just made AMbush's hubby's Choc/Peanut Banana Bread last night. THe extra banana thrown in really helps the moisture and you can eliminate the oil. I will definately make it again.

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Way back in the day when the

Way back in the day when the hubby was really into making candy and cakes he had some rather "impressive" molds and pans.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog
Speechless which hardly ever happens lol!

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uh-oh.. looks like someone

uh-oh.. looks like someone has already been nibbling on that!!

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HIGH/LOW ? . . . .this has


.this has to be a new high/low point on MWK ..LOL

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:) HMMM, I wish i could

:) HMMM, I wish i could lick some of that yummy white creamy stuff off the top of that...

Hmmm, perhaps I should move back to the dirty board on Ravelry :)

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...i can't believe I just typed that... surprises there.....! surprises there.....!

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Y'all made me giggle...funny

Y'all made me giggle...funny funny responses. Maybe we should have a "naughty pastry corner" on MWK.