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I've recently gotten onto Ravelry, and was playing around to see what was there, and was shocked to find that I couldn't find a listing for a knitalong geared to men. Is there one out there that I haven't found? If not, would there be any interest in starting something up...maybe a monthly project geared towards knitting by or for men. We could rotate who chooses the project or vote based on suggestions from the group. Just curious.

Thanks to everyone for your

Thanks to everyone for your comments and suggestions. Here's what I'm considering at the moment. This may or may not be a traditional KAL, but if I'm going to show a little initiative, I guess I get to make the rules. Not that I'm not open to suggestions or inflexible in any way....

I think I would like to create a group dedicated to working on apparel and accessories for men. There are ten billion great patterns out there for women and children, but so few that I have been able to find for men, this might be a good way to try to get good ones together. The limitation to men would be strictly as to the projects we would work on, and anyone would be free to join.

I think I would like to offer a different project each month to be worked on by the members of the group, alternating between bigger projects, like Blankie's baseball sweater, and smaller projects like Crafty Andy's hot pink hat (I've got a hot pink sweater, why not a matching hat?). This would hopefully allow for slower knitters, like myself, to catch up with everyone and not fall behind. I think that having different projects each month would help keep people's interest and encourage them to stick around, rather than quitting once a particular project is completed. I also think that a group limited to a single project just sounds kind of dull to me.

I think I would collect suggestions from the group for the next month's project, then place two or three options up for a vote to determine what we would do next. Maybe keep it to patterns available for free, and then maybe if the group caught on, we could encourage designers to suggest something for the group. But that's getting ahead of myself.

Anyway, I'll look into how to go about this, and consider a little more how I would like this to look. Heck, I haven't even figured out how to post pictures yet, so this may be way above my head. But if I decide to go ahead with this, I'll make sure to let everyone know.

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sounds interesting. MMario

sounds interesting.

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

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I really like the idea of a

I really like the idea of a male-themed knitalong like the baseball shirt, or baseball jacket, or what have you. And I second the notion of just announce and interested guys will show up. A little initiative goes a long way. Not that I'm necessarily volunteering to supply it.

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Can someone explain what

Can someone explain what happens at/during a knitalong? How does it work?


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Usually (but not always) a

Usually (but not always) a project is decided upon/announced/decreed

and people sign up

and everybody casts on at the same time (except of course those who cast on early or late)

and then everyone works the project "together" (except those slower or faster)

comparing notes and commiserating over errors and applauding success and asking questions and answering questions, and complaining that theirs isn't working even though they are using a different weight yarn, different needles and changed the stitches in section 'Q' - so why doesn't is (whine, whine) look like so and so's?

then someone else joins and asks the same questions that have already been answered forty-seven and eleventy times; or which are clearly stated in the pattern and it starts all over again.

tons o'fun. really!

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Gosh MMario, I think you

Gosh MMario, I think you sold me.


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in general a bunch of people

in general a bunch of people all decide to work on something more or less at the same time. some groups insist on blogs and x number of posts per weeks; other are very casual. It can be a lot of fun.

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I think it would be great to

I think it would be great to have one.

Crafty Andy makes a good point, and one I think you can work with if you make sure the recipient of the item is male. There's such a lack of patterns of any kind for men... sweaters, vest, even "unisex" hats, socks (it's helpful for someone to figure out just how much yarn you need for a size 12 foot, ya know). I hate going thumbing through books to find a pattern that I can "adapt" for a man.

However, I saw this great sweater that was inspired by traditional baseball jackets with grey contrast sleeves, that I'm antsy to figure out and make.

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Here is a pattern that was

Here is a pattern that was inspired by a baseball shirt.


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I agree...If you do make

I agree...If you do make one, let me know, I would join :)

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Although not a KAL per se,

Although not a KAL per se, we do have a pending scarf exchange in the works here on MWK that Stuart is moderating.


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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog

You can always create a group on Ravelry and do those yourself! My suggestions, I usually make stuff for me and find everything I make is not really specific. Male Oriented Knitting, you have to be more specific. A scarf can be made Unisex and so can a hat, now a Hat in Hot Pink is definitely one I will wear lol!

So what I mean, seriously, is that in my own opinion , you can make a doilly, dishcloth, washcloth Knit Along in which only men are included? Or do you mean a Male vest, A Male specific Hat? A Male Specific Sweater? If that is so, then Create a Group for Male KnitAlongs in Ravelry and see what kind of Reaction you get, I am willing to join it if you create it!!! Nevertheless I like everyone , male, female, transgender, and all are welcome wherever I go, otherwise I am not sure I will like to be there!