Toe Up Sock

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This is my first toe up sock using my new US 1 1/2 9 inch circulars. The yarn is a hand dyed merino/bamboo/nylon fingering I got on ebay from Oldfield Creek Sock & Yarn, a fellow man who knits.


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Those socks look great! Is

Those socks look great! Is there any advantage to toe-up over cuff-down?

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You can try them on as

You can try them on as you're making them and adjust size accordingly easier than cuff down. I really don't see what difference it makes. It is also good if you think you may run out of yarn, as you can knit the cuff in a contrasting color. Those are the reasons most people give. If you use the magic cast on, there is no sewing.


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The socks are wonderful and

The socks are wonderful and whoever gets them is lucky. I don't mind knitting with dp's but am curious about your little circulars. Did you find them hard to get used to? Did your hands cramp up? Beautiful work.

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Thank-you, I made them for

Thank-you, I made them for myself. My hands cramped up the first time I used them but after about a half hour they were fine. For some reason I was tensing up my hands while holding them. I don't have any problem with them now. I can just knit. I didn't really have any problem with DP's or longer circulars doing magic loop, it's just much less fiddling with the short circulars. I have ordered them in more sizes!


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Oooooo! Those are really

Oooooo! Those are really great socks, well done. The yarn looks great as well. Also, I love your shooting star sock forms (is that what they're called?), wherever did you get them?

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Thank-you. They are called

Thank-you. They are called sock blockers, the pattern is actually a moon and star. I got them at


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You did a very nice job. I

You did a very nice job. I am thinking of attempting socks for my next project. Did you find this a difficult or a relatively easy project? Where did you find the pattern?


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Thank-you, they were very

Thank-you, they were very easy. The pattern is called socks-that-rock toe up. It is available at I used the magic cast on method and used a different heel pattern than the pattern uses.


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great looking socks, I have

great looking socks, I have yet to try my hand at socks ... should I say "try my feet"? Nice job. Is that a dye lot change on the right sock? or a shadow?

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Thank-you, it's a shadow,

Thank-you, it's a shadow, both socks were made from the same skein of yarn. I love making socks, as soon as I finished these I cast on for another pair using the ladder of life pattern I found on Ravelry.