Dad's sweater, almost done...

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Here's the back...colour is a little off: It's more vibrant in real life.


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It's looking great, can't

It's looking great, can't wait to see the finished product

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I like the color scheme you

I like the color scheme you used. Nice work! What kind of yard did you use?

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LOL: That's a LOADED

LOL: That's a LOADED QUESTION! The cuffs and ribbing was done in Plymouth Encore Colorspun (25%wool/75% acryl)...The rest of it is mostly wool...I'd guess about 85%, and all said and done, there are approximately 50-60 different yarns, either used singly or combined to make a strand of worsted weight knitting...

It's surprisingly light... very comfortable to wear.

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Wow, the moment of truth and

Wow, the moment of truth and it's spectacular. I especially like the alternating stripe direction from body to arms and even if the color is off, the colorway looks fantastic. The only question I have is "what on earth do you have left to do?" it already looks perfect. _____________________________

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Very little left to do: I

Very little left to do: I have a rib collar to put in, and the zipper needs to be sewn in... Then washed and blocked...

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog It

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog It looks fantastic!

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What I am happiest about is

What I am happiest about is that I threw it on, unfinished, at a knit store, to check fit~fabrication, and it was so comfortable, that I forgot I had it on... and just spent the next hour knitting on something else... it feels wonderful, like a hug: Exactly how a handknit should feel.

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Man! how many sweaters do

Man! how many sweaters do you churn out on average per year? I know you're a fast knitter... but geez!

Looks fantastic btw.

Do you just knit panels and serge or sew them together? What's the secret!?

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I handknit the body

I handknit the body panels... and then did the shaping (set in sleeves, sleeve caps, and neck) on the sewing machine... I do all the finishing(sewing, etc) in the traditional manner~ by hand...In this case, it's mostly Kitchener stitched... AND steeked edges were hidden inside the ribbing base (p.u stitches on both inside and outside of garment..knit for both sides for a few rows, then knit front/back stitches together to hide steek and make for a more finished appearance. The sleeves were shaped as I knit (they took about 4-5 hours each by hand). On this one, I decided to add arm gussets for a little ease, but ended doing two sets, as the first set were too large, which I didn't know until I tried it on myself. The second ones are half the width and just about perfect.

Now that I've a design to work from, I could probably replicate it in a little less than a week if I didn't have to work for a living...

The fastest I ever did a handknit sweater was the pale green varigated mohair raglan with the X-O decrease cable...That took an entire weekend.

This one has been sitting unfinished (I just had one body panel done) for 2 YEARS. The goal is to send it and Mom's to them for Mother's day..