Blocking Lace

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Mes Swansen, in "A Gathering of Lace", describes how she hangs a shawl with a sideways knitted on garter stitch border over a 4" dowel suspended between two cupboards to block it. Has anyone tried this or heard of it? Of course, in Mexico we don't have carpets, so it is always a problem finding an area to pin out lace especially if it is over 5 feet. I have tried to fold it in half and pin it out on a bed but it is really not satisfactory. If blocking it on a dowel works, it would solve a lot of problems. If you have had experience with Meg's method I would appreciate you advice.


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I forgot to mention that

I forgot to mention that there are some instructions I came across for building a blocking frame, which is another option that might work for you. The URL is

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That's particularly

That's particularly interesting and unless my dogs master antigravity, they can't walk all over it. Thanks for posting this. _____________________________

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I just started my first

I just started my first Shetland lace scarf, and was wondering how to go about blocking it, and came across some foam board in an office supply shop - the kind used for making signs. It sells for about $4 Canadian per board, and I bought 3 of them. I planned to draw gridlines on them, cover them in clear plastic bin liners and then place them on the floor in a row. I'll pin out the scarf to the foam boards. This might work if you have hardwood or ceramic floors.

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Thanks so much,

Thanks so much, Mountainrunner. What a great idea and even with some cotton gingham your measuring problems would be solved as well, Bill.

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You can wrap them with

You can wrap them with gingham (checkered fabric) or checkered plastic tablecloth.....

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This method is news to me

This method is news to me but I too would like to know more about it. I'm working on Mmario's Faux Spanish Lace Shawl and fretting about where and with what I am going to block it. The roof of my house is probably not a good idea so I really have to come up with something else.