Size Matters

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OK in this case smaller is better! I received my Hiya Hiya 9" circular needles yesterday and promptly transfered my current sock project to them. WOW, I love these little needles, I estimate it will cut down on knitting time by at least 25%. It's great to be able to just knit without fiddling with DP's or sliding stitches for magic loop. I LOVE THESE NEEDLES!!!!!

If you're interested you can purchase them here:




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Wish I could use those

Wish I could use those Knitpicks circulars for socks I bought, but they're way too small for my hands. Back to dpns for me!

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I recently saw someone using

I recently saw someone using these really short circs to do some knitting on a sock... and I couldn't believe they made them that short! As it turns out, they were 12" -- I measured them to be sure. I couldn't get my hand into that tiny circle to be able to manipulate those needles.

And 9"?? You gotta be kidding!!! I am NOT going to knit with only two fingers and have my pinkies sticking up in the air! No thank you!!

I have no trouble at all with dps or with two circs.. or even with one long one. I still maintain you only need one long circ (in every size) to do any knitting you will ever do! That is MHO, of course!

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Must.....bite.....tongue.....don't....say....inappropriate......uggh....comment....about....uggh...title (sweat beads drip from forehead and hands tremble due to extreme restraint)

Cool needles!

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I did have some cramping in

I did have some cramping in my left hand at first but after about 1/2 hour I relaxed my hand and was fine.


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Nice...glad you find them so

Nice...glad you find them so useful. My only issue with shorter circular needles is that the length of the needle part is usually smaller than I prefer...making my hands cramp up when I use them for longer periods of time.

I'll have to try out a pair of Hiya's and see if I like them better.

Thanks for the recommendation.