Dog Sweater

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I knit this dog sweater for my aunt's little dog.  Apparently the dog hasn't taken too kindly to the cold weather in the Northwest.  They recently moved from Sacremento, CA.  I don't own a dog, but I have the next best thing, my partner Eddy's Pound Puppy, Buster, who was more than happy to be my model.  He wants to know where HIS sweater is!!!  It is a mock cable pattern that I got from Fiber Trends.  I highly recommend their patterns. Look for their website I am now working on a cable scarf for myself (for a change !)  I'm almost done with it.  Thanks for all the great feedback and inspiration. Laughing


Well done!  We've just

Well done!  We've just recently aquired a miniature pincher who doesn't handle the cold well.  Though I am dead set against "dressing up" a dog, I am all for a good looking sweater when the weather turns cold.  You can be proud of that one.

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Ahhh, Pound Puppies.  I'm

Ahhh, Pound Puppies.  I'm from exactly the right era to feel my heart stirred by the sight of a Pound Puppy in such a beautiful sweater.  I side with Buster, who clearly needs his own sweater. 

Seriously, though, it looks great.  The texture and yarn look quite nice! 

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Canine haute couture!  This

Canine haute couture!  This is great.  Isn't it time for a nice cable knit sweater for yourself?