The Knitting Man(ual)

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I drew a name from my knitting bag!

It goes to Doug..."Parrot"....thanks guys. I'm sure he'll make good use of it.



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Was the book worth it?

Was the book worth it?

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Cute and generous... if

Cute and generous... if you're single, there is no god...

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I want a recount! I think

I want a recount! I think there was tampering in the process! It doesn't matter I never even signed up - there is definately something fishy going on here.

sorry - election fervor slipped over into knitting.

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

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Glad I don't live in Florida

Glad I don't live in Florida . . everyone would demand a recount!! LOL

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WOW . . . what a surprise!

WOW . . . what a surprise! I opened up MWK first thing this morning to catch up on what y'all are doing and found this news. A GREAT way to star the day! Thanks so much . . it will be much appreciated.


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congrats, Doug! And thanks

congrats, Doug! And thanks for the generosity, Tony!