Leaf pattern afghan

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This afghan was inspired by a shawl pattern I found on the internet: http://www.magknits.com/May06/patterns/laceleaf.htm. The tricky part was translating the leaf border to the other edge...


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I love the way the leaves

I love the way the leaves form the edge of the afghan! How do you keep it so neat!?

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Knitted on long, #10.5

Knitted on long, #10.5 needles over a three week period during which I stayed home, treating a nasty cold. Just followed the pattern, one row at a time, marking each row on my pattern as I went along. Also a bit of obsession didn't hurt...

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I wondered about that too,

I wondered about that too, Stuart; so I went and looked at the pattern for the shawl - the edge is done with increases and decreases set in from the actual edge itself....very neat trick.

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

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For the other edge, I should

For the other edge, I should have pictured that edge too!!, I translated the pattern to work the edge on the back side, one row up. It worked very well. First saw the border in a pattern book a friend loaned to me. Then found the shawl pattern on the net and I was off!

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so waht is the pattern in

so waht is the pattern in between leaves. it's not the same as the pattern on net, is it?

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Pattern between is simple

Pattern between is simple rib, a wavy rib and seed.