My third scarf ...

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Here's my third knitting project ever ... It's a scarf I made for my mother in law. I would love some feedback.

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Excellent work, beautiful

Excellent work, beautiful pattern. Way to go!

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That looks great. Nothing

That looks great. Nothing like the satisfaction of finally casting off..

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Beautiful! Great job! I'm

Beautiful! Great job! I'm sure she'll love it.
Another pattern for me to bookmark.

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In response to the request

In response to the request for details ...

The yarn is Adrienne Vittadini "Trina" made in Italy. It is 55% Merino Wool, 35% Microfiber, 10% Cashmere. It is very soft and just a little heavier than it looks. There is no name to indicate the color, but the color number is 116. The label reads "50 grams = approx. 71 yards." (perhaps someone could tell me what all that means). I used US size 10 needles and a feather and fan pattern.

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It took about 4 balls of

It took about 4 balls of yarn for the project and is 5 feet long.

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Another who thumbs up on the

Another who thumbs up on the colour. Looks VERY good for a thrid project , ever, and lace at that!
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I'm impressed that you were

I'm impressed that you were undaunted by such an intricate looking pattern stitch. I also agree with picked a perfectly elegant color for the scarf.

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Beautifully done. You have

Beautifully done. You have made tremendous progress.

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Beautifully knit and the

Beautifully knit and the color is really elegant. Details about the yarn and pattern please.

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Excellent!! It looks

Excellent!! It looks beautiful. I love those open, lace-like patterns. Great job. I hope she treasures it.

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Hey really nice job man,

Hey really nice job man, detail is really beautiful...hope she enjoys it...Tony

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I should have also mentioned

I should have also mentioned that I used size 10 needles.

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Nice! You're more abitious

Nice! You're more abitious than I was when I started!