Beebee Binkee Progress

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Three squares down and six to go. The other six will be these three twice again to make a nice 3X3 square blanket with a blue border. I've done bobbles for the first time and they seem to have worked out. Looking forward to the point where I actually put the nine squares together. The pattern is from a little book called "Knit Baby Blankets" edited by Gwen Steege.

Also continuing work on the Cobblestone sweater.

Happy April!


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Very cute. Can't wait to

Very cute. Can't wait to see the final result. Will it have a separate border?

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It will have a border with

It will have a border with the solid blue and then red and yellow checks. And each square has one row of blue as a border so I'll knit them together with the blue yarn. I'm not exactly sure how I'll do the border at this point... supposed to one large border with one large or two large circular needles. I'll see what I want to do when i get there.

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Great job Frank! I've been

Great job Frank! I've been working on a baby blanket with no particular baby in mind. It is in multiple shades of purple and white. With no deadline it's been hard for me to finish it.

Hope to see you soon.

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Hi Rick. Good to hear from

Hi Rick. Good to hear from you! I saw your posting the other day with your squares. How are you going to join them? And how will you put a border around the finished squares?

Set yourself a deadline.

Set yourself a deadline. When my house is messy because I have spent more time knitting and quilting than I should, I pretend the King of Spain is coming for tea and that makes me move around with the vacuum pretty fast.!

Very nice! I was thinking

Very nice! I was thinking that this would make a wonderful lap blanket or something in general. I like the colors. For some reason it gives me a nautical feeling.

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I LOVE this blanket - what a

I LOVE this blanket - what a beautiful piece for a baby - and the little one will be sure to love it for years and years... Since you have already started photographing it, it may be fun to make a small book or set of photos showing the progress of the blanket , or you knitting it - if you're important to this child, then, later in life, these photos may also become important... I find it's usually the person behind the crafting that's the true treasure...


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That's going to be a

That's going to be a beautiful blanket. I love bright colors for babies rather that the traditional pastels.