FO - Hemlock Ring Blanket

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I finally finished!! Bill, WJBDineen, walked in from work this morning as I was starting to block and helped me with the blocking and photos (THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!). It was done with Cascade Eco+, the color is Delft (#7076). I used just over 2 skeins. I used two 60inch and two 32 inch US#10 Addi Turbo Circular needles (yes, four circular needles at once).

The pattern is Jared Flood of Brooklyn Tweed's adapted doily pattern and can be found at

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what a beautiful pattern

what a beautiful pattern

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Guys, PaxKnitter's stitches

Guys, PaxKnitter's stitches are consistent and beautiful. A very clear and methodical technique. Wonderful, really... Paul ROCKS!! Excellent job, babe! I am so very proud of you.

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Very impressive. Four

Very impressive. Four circulars? I have yet to learn how to use one!

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That's so beautiful. You and

That's so beautiful. You and Bill should go into the business of blocking peoples' FO's, you do an expert job of it. _____________________________

That is just beautiful. I

That is just beautiful. I am so very impressed.

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Wow, that's gorgeous, they

Wow, that's gorgeous, they are going to love it, and if not, I'll send you my mailing address... .

It's really a great pattern, too. Cool idea of using a doily pattern for a blanket.

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LOL. This one I did for

LOL. This one I did for myself. However, I suppose I would consider parting with it for the right price. I may already have an order for another one.


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WOW! That is so

WOW! That is so beautiful...wanna make me one? :D

Seriously, it looked great when you posted the first pic, now that it is done, I am envious, it is gorgeous!

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Sure, I'll knit you one.

Sure, I'll knit you one. I'm sure we can negotiate a suitable compensation. ;-)


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That would be Delft as in

That would be Delft as in the China....

I'm being lazy - what's the yardage on the CacadeEco?

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

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Some retailers sell it by

Some retailers sell it by the number (7076) and some by the color name "Delft" so I included both.

Cascade Eco and Eco+ skeins have approximately 478 yards.


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You're quite welcome. BTW:

You're quite welcome.

BTW: Before I dive into another HR Blanket, I'm probably going to knit up your Faux Spanish Lace Shawl pattern for my aunt.


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I'm with QueerJoe on that

I'm with QueerJoe on that one. And what the heck is Delft? Otherwise, it looks AMAZINGLY FANTASTIC.

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Delft is blue and white

Delft is blue and white pottery that was made in the Netherlands.


Still is, in the town of the

Still is, in the town of the same name.

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Absolutely beautiful! Randy

Absolutely beautiful!


Fan-feathering-tastic! A

Fan-feathering-tastic! A superbly knit blanket in a beautiful colour. Jared Flood beware.

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I am a huge fan of the last

I am a huge fan of the last picture carefully blocking a periwinkle lace blanket that you knit yourself amidst a chest press weight rack and storage shelving in your basement.

Now THAT's what I call manly knitting.