my yarn arrived yesterday....

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When I saw this spiral counterpane blanket on the knityousucka blog
I knew that I had to try it. With no pattern in hand, I began to scour the internet and found this site that gave me the pattern for the spiral octogons:
( ).

From there I looked closely at the pics on knityousucka and figured out the filler squares and triangles. Now just need to knit 35 spirals, 24 squares and 20 triangles, sew it all together and knit a border (I haven't learned how to crochet)...

I'm working on the second spiral now.


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That is going to be a

That is going to be a beautiful blanket, can't wait to see it completed.


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Thanks. Three spirals done

Thanks. Three spirals done so far. So far, so good.

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wow! I love that blanket on

wow! I love that blanket on the blog you linked to... with perserverence, you're going to have a beautiful throw!


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Thanks, Kyle. I know, the

Thanks, Kyle. I know, the pics make it look really amazing. Just hope I can do it justice... Finished my second spiral this evening. Hope to do at least one a day until I'm done. Then put it all together.

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You are a better man then I

You are a better man then I - if it involves piecing, it goes to the bottom of my list. (with the exception of stuffed animals)

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

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You are too, too kind.

You are too, too kind. After putting piecing 221 small squares woven on a Weave-It loom, I hope I can handle it. That project took forever!!