Baby Sweater

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Since I found this web site you guys having me knitting again with a passion. I finished this baby sweater this weekend. It's pretty simple so it knits up quickly. I used Wick from Knit one Crochet two. It's very soft and knits up well. Perfect gift for a friend who is expecting in April.

Now on to my next project.


It is so precious! I want a

It is so precious! I want a baby! I held a co-workers baby today. But somedays, my dog is enough of a responsibility.
He is too spoiled as it is.

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Being an uncle, great-uncle

Being an uncle, great-uncle or god-father is better. when they get to be too much you hand them back to the parents and say "they're yours!"

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

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It's a really easy pattern

It's a really easy pattern that I got for free when I ordered the yarn from a LYS/Needlepoint store in South Carolina. The store is called Needlepoint Junction and their web site is They have a great selection of Knitting yarns and are great to work with. Prices are good to. You can email or call them from the website. Look under projects and you can see their version of the same sweater. They will ship anywhere.

Tell them Eric said hello - they will get a kick out of that. I think I was one of their only male customers that bought a ton of stuff.

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that is so cute.....what

that is so cute.....what pattern did you use??? And I love the colorings and the way it worked up, very, very nice!

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Lovew the way the

Lovew the way the variagations worked out.
MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

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Beautiful! I love the

Beautiful! I love the colors, I'm currently making socks using a similar colorway.


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The baby sweater is

The baby sweater is adorable! It'll make a wonderful gift for your friend. Interesting and gorgeous how the colours patterned giving additional design to the sweater.

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Nicely done, the coloring is

Nicely done, the coloring is amazing. _____________________________