Happy feet :)

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I had some yarn i didnt know what to use for - so i knitted a pair of socks


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Gorgeous, just simply

Gorgeous, just simply gorgeous. What pattern did you use? What kind of heel are those? I can see these as a great Vday present done in red and white.


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Oh yes...just some simple

Oh yes...just some simple things you whipped out when there was nothing good on the telly? LOL. Peter Max meets Elizabeth Zimmermann.

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Truly beautiful.

Truly beautiful.

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You are either a speed demon

You are either a speed demon with the needles or have a good backlog you are showing us - whichever your knitting is exquisite!
MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

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They sure would make my feet

They sure would make my feet happy!! What a beautiful pair of socks.

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Those are beautiful, the

Those are beautiful, the colors work very well together.