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Hi everyone, so I finally wrote up today the pattern for the garter stitch hat with a square raglan crown I designed a month or two ago.
What I'm wondering is that if anyone here would be gracious enough to look over the pattern and proof read/ make sure everything makes sense? If so please post a response or send me a message here or at I plan on posting the pattern on my blog and maybe try to get it up on Ravelry too. This it will be a small step towards becoming more involved in the design world. So if any one is willing, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you, Zach

Update: I've now attached the pattern for all who would like to help. Thanks again! I'm hoping to be able to get this up and posted to my blog and Ravelry by the end of the week. Cause I'm anxious and excited to do it. Also you don't have to knit the pattern if you don't want(you're more than willing too if you like). I just wanted someone else to read through the pattern to catch any errors or what not.

Garter Stitch Hat.wps_.txt1.62 KB


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Thank you everyone for all

Thank you everyone for all your wonderful help. I will be posting the revised and final pattern here in a couple days so look out. I'm going to try to get it on Ravelry that way you can queue if you like.


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Looks very good to me as

Looks very good to me as well - the only quibbles I had have been mentioned already - thougyh I will tell you - you *will* get people asking "How do I do a 2 x 2 ribbing?".

(Yes - I know - it's a basic. but some people want every single detail in their pattern)
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Hi Zach, Just read through

Hi Zach,
Just read through your pattern. As scubasinger said, add the word 'stitches' to the gauge information. Sounds like a great looking hat when made up.
Keep up the good work.

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Hey Zach The pattern looks

Hey Zach

The pattern looks fine. All the math on the decreases matches up correctly. So it looks to me like you've got a nice, good, basic hat pattern on your hands. Congrats.

The only extremely minor thing I would add is in you line giving the gauge. You say 12 and 20 rows..... You might want to add the word 'stitches' after the 12. I understood what you meant, but it would be clearer if the word was inserted.


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Thanks scubasinger. I've

Thanks scubasinger. I've now attached the file for all.

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Hey Zach I'd be glad to take

Hey Zach

I'd be glad to take a look at it and give it a read. Don't know if I'd have time to actually knit the thing, but maybe I can just look at it line by line and see if it makes sense to me.