My Dream - Stockinette Run-Through

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Maybe I'm knitting too late at night or something, but last night I dreamt that I was at this high school football game and the cheerleaders were all lined up to have the football team smash through their run-through. But... it was a knitted run-through - all stockinette - and a couple of the cheerleaders on either end were frantically knitting to try to finish it. Unfortunately, I either woke up or I don't remember anything - I wish I could've seen the players actually try to bust through it.


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i like the broad vertical

i like the broad vertical stripe v-neck jerseys. probably have to use acrylic for easy wash n wear :) i could knit the shorts too but may get distracted at the fitting

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tencel. MMario - ambiguity


MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

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Huh? knitting? What??!? Oh

Huh? knitting? What??!? Oh my...

Sorry, I was distracted by something I saw. (drool) what?



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Dude if those men were in my

Dude if those men were in my dream I wouldn't be worried about knitting (for once)...

But seriously I associate weird things with knitting, sound waves (sin waves) interweaving when I'm playing the piano become a visual picture of reverse-stockinette.. if that makes sense.

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Unfortunately, like I said,

Unfortunately, like I said, the team never showed up... so I found this pic. I started associating almost everything with knitting, well not everything, but you're right... lots of things. And now you're start noticing what people are wearing and will know what the stitches are, etc. Fun stuff!!

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I'm sorry...I saw the thighs

I'm sorry...I saw the thighs in the picture and my brain went "ZAP" to a smell of frying ozone...

say whut?

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Yeah... I found a nice pic

Yeah... I found a nice pic to go with my dream huh?

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What fiber yarn were they

What fiber yarn were they using? Needle size?

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You're terrible Albert. I'd

You're terrible Albert. I'd have to go back into my dreams. Seems like it would've had to have been fairly large needles and probably just plain wool?

Hahahaha only a hardcore

Hahahaha only a hardcore knitter would think to ask that