Flight, Super Speed, X-ray Vision...

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None of these powers will help me, I should have picked infertility!

Had a bit of time today and decided to come see you guys, and OMG! I've got some catching up to do!
Welcome to all the new people! So many new ones in the time I've been away.

You guys have been doing some fabulous work, I didn't have time to leave comments, but I hope to be able to go home in 2 or 3 weeks and I dont' even want to know what kind of catching up I will have to do then. Can't wait to get home and live the lazy life again.

I have a little time to knit, mostly during the lectures. I've been knitting socks. Which by the way is all your fault! I'm so addicted! don't you all feel ashamed of yourselve? LOL I know you don't.

Take care, I love you guys!



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I tried to warn you about

I tried to warn you about the sock addiction. See you in treatment! (As for me I've got 3 pairs going at once and any number of skeins I'm die ing to cast on once I get the right sized needle freed up!


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Yes, what MMario said. We

Yes, what MMario said. We miss you!


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Hey there... thanks for

Hey there... thanks for checking in with us. Hope things are well - good luck with everything.

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Good to see you, BuduR!

Good to see you, BuduR! (Read you?)

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It's nice to hear from you.

It's nice to hear from you. I hope your daughter is recovering well.

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we miss you! MMario -

we miss you!
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