Hemlock Ring Blanket

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It is finally finished! I loved this blanket, and for anyone wanting to improve their lace skills, this is a great intermediate project that is VERY rewarding, though it does require a bit of time to complete! My buddies Bill (WJBDineen) and Paul (Paxknitter) helped to block it and here are the photos! It is done in Cascade Eco, the color is Tarnish. The extended pattern requires just about 2 skeins, mine needed like 2.05 skeins, so now I've got a bunch left over.




PS: This pattern is Jared Flood of Brooklyn Tweed's adapted doily pattern. Thus, MEGADOILY!


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That is so beautiful

That is so beautiful

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Beautiful. What are the

Beautiful. What are the finished dimensions?

OMG! I hope that one of

OMG! I hope that one of these YEARS I'll be able to do something 1/4 as good as that!
Beautiful, just amazing!

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That is damn fine work Skip!

That is damn fine work Skip! How did you like binding it off?

The owner of my LYS and her partner in crime were showing me this while I was there on Wednesday. She had recommended this as my next project after looking at the feather and fan wrap I had just done. She had one done up in the Cascade eco-wool as well as the regular Cascade 220.

I just might....

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that rocks dude!!!!

that rocks dude!!!!

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nice nice niiiiiceee! This

nice nice niiiiiceee! This is one pattern I admire but haven't started *yet* - someday, maybe; just not right now... too many other things going on... it IS on my list of things to make before I croak though... and your post makes me move it one notch higher... :)



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A gorgeous shawl.

A gorgeous shawl. Congratulations on a job well done.

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Exquisite! (OOPS! I just


(OOPS! I just drooled on myself, again...)

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That is absolutely amazing

That is absolutely amazing and beautiful. Please do say where the pattern came from. I just got Barbara Walker's first book (after borrowing the third from Tucker303) and am amazed at all the patterns - it's endless. You did a fantastic on everything!

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Beautiful shawl, and I like

Beautiful shawl, and I like the colour.

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Really beautiful work, it

Really beautiful work, it looks perfect! Also, I love the color choice, even the name is intriguing. Now a have a bunch of questions... What are the (approximate) measurements? And where does the pattern come from?

That afghan is beautiful!

That afghan is beautiful! You did a great job!


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beautiful! I'm about halfway

beautiful! I'm about halfway through mine. I hope it looks even a fraction as great as yours.

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Holy crap. That's just

Holy crap. That's just amazing! Way to go!

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Looking good! MMario -

Looking good!
MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

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It's truly amazing!! I'm

It's truly amazing!! I'm looking forward to seeing mine blocked especially after seeing your's. I have 4 more rounds to go and then the bind-off. Mine will go into a third skein, too.


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Love it. What a beauty!

Love it. What a beauty! Congrats. What size needle did you use?

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Unbelievably beautiful! Knit

Unbelievably beautiful!

Knit like the wind!

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Are you insinuating that my

Are you insinuating that my knitting "Blows"?

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I love that...."knit like

I love that...."knit like the wind!!!":

(cue sounds of needles clicking like the ringing of galloping hoofbeats"

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love how mesmerizing the

love how mesmerizing the pattern is

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Beautiful job! Randy

Beautiful job!


FAN-tastic. An excellent

FAN-tastic. An excellent piece of work, and I love the colour.

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Absolutely gorgeous! I love

Absolutely gorgeous! I love this kind of elegant patterns!

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Perfect color to highlight

Perfect color to highlight the design...classic and understated.

Your knitting is so even and perfect....looks great.