Men's Knitting Teachers?

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A press contact is on the hunt for people who organize or teach knitting classes specifically for men. The preference is that they reside in the UK, but if any of you have contacts in other countries, feel free to pass those on, too!

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Hey Grand, you need to keep

Hey Grand,
you need to keep those tucked in. don't want them rolling across the floor.


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I teach, although not

I teach, although not specifically for men... Then again, we do have special needs as our balls get in the way when we are knitting...

Ba Dum Bum...ching.

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there's the obvious Brandon

there's the obvious Brandon Mably and Kaffe Fassett - in the UK, but I would guess they already know about them...


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And they teach men, women

And they teach men, women and unspecifieds in their classes...I don't know of anyone that teaches men-only classes.