Feather and Fan Wrap

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Yes Mario, this pattern is fun!

I did this in the same green DK wool/mohair blend that I used for my Faux Spanish Lace #2. This wrap used around 1200+ yards (four full skeins) and it measures about 8 feet by 26 inches blocked. I treated myself to some nice Addi Turbo lace needles (size 7 circs) for this project. They really are nice needles and as speedy as they are it still took me about 2 months to do. Mostly because I had limited time to work on it and I had to put it down for a couple of weeks because I needed to work on something else before I went crazy. So, in my ample free time this past week (I'm currently unemployed) I finished this up. I wish I had the knack for awesome photography that others here have. I also don't have a good place in my house to display something this large for good pictures.

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UPDATE! This was given to


This was given to it's recipient last night, my best friend Ame. She cried (tears of joy and gratitude, of course). We went to her daughter's school play last night and she wore it. She was the belle of the ball!

And why wouldn't she be?

And why wouldn't she be? It's a beautiful shawl.

Great job.

Great job.

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What a beautiful shawl,

What a beautiful shawl, you've done a great job.

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Great work. The pictures

Great work. The pictures show the knitting very well. And the color is wonderul to boot. Keep it up and you bring up a point - sometimes a project does need to be put down for a period of time so it does not drive us crazy. Plus we usually have several other unfinished projects wanting attention. If the weather is right you can wear the shawl to Rhinebeck in October. I already have my hotel reservations again. We will have to aim for lunch again. Any others going to be there in October are welcome to join the meal.

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Absolutely beautiful!

Absolutely beautiful! Lovely color and pattern!

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I think your photography

I think your photography looks just fine! You managed to display the stole in several ways - including that great shot that shows the knitting closeup. Maybe not the most "artistic" shots - but very good for showing the knitting itself. Sometimes art isn't the most improtatn thing.

there's a book due out soon on variations of Feather and Fan (Myrna Stahman, I'm pretty sure) which I have been anticipating for years.

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Fantastic job, it's really

Fantastic job, it's really beautiful.


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Beautiful work. I'm sure

Beautiful work. I'm sure you're proud of it as you should be. Knit on!

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Beautiful, and I too love

Beautiful, and I too love the color. Natural mossy greens are my favorite greens. As far as photography goes, there are clear shots that show the detail of this piece. That's perfect in my book. Great job on all accounts.

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I am working on a very

I am working on a very similar shawl for my wife. I'm using alpaca. It is lacy, but the "hair" of the wool hides some of the details. I'm too far into it to quit now, but I think I would use a different yarn next time. I'll post a picture when it's done.

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the thing to do with the

the thing to do with the fuzzy yarns is go up a couple sizes in needles. That way the halo doesn't obscure the lace.

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Best wishes on the job hunt.

Best wishes on the job hunt. Great knitting. I want to do some lace but it scares me. lol.

Sorry about the job

Sorry about the job thing....but your energy turned out something beautiful. I would say, green is my favorite color and now I know why.

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Very well executed! I

Very well executed! I continue to be amazed by you lace knitters.

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When your scarf looks that

When your scarf looks that good, you don't need to be a wizard at photography, it's brilliant

I love feather and fan. My

I love feather and fan. My granny knitted it into almost everything. This looks really good and I very much like this shade of green. Hope you find work soon.