I am very embarrassed about not being able to send pics. One more Try


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Third time was the charm,

Third time was the charm, Chris. The sweater is beautiful and I love this color- what is it called and what is the fiber and brand? How long did it take to knit in fingering weight?

Hi Albert, Thanks for the

Hi Albert, Thanks for the responce.The yarn is 50/50 wool/alpaca in a Russian made yarn bought 5 years ago as a close out.I used it double and got 5 sts.per inch on#7 needles. the color, a little darker than photo. The lable was in Russian.It took about 3 weeks. The new sweater is in Green Mountain Spinnery Cotton Comfort.I'm getting 6 sts. per inch on #4 needles and I have 3 inches to go before assembling body and sleeves for the yolk. This has already taken 3 weeks.