Anybody in the Art Worlds out there?

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Hello. It is now time for some shameless self promotion. Actually, it is promotion of my wife, Oksana. She is a talented artist who works in oils and sometimes pastels. She uses pencil too, but prefers to paint. Anyhow, since art is promoted by word of mouth, I thought I would write this and see if anyone has any contacts for various galleries. She's in a gallery right now here in Edmonton, but I know that she should be represented world wide, or at least crack into the USA. Anyone who has any hints, don't be afraid to give out a shout. Check our her work at Click on Okzana Zhelisko.


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If we're being shameless,

If we're being shameless, I'll join in. I'd also love to hear of any gallery connections for my art. You can check out my painting site here:
Paintings by TomH

I went to your wife's site

I went to your wife's site and was amazed at her talent. I was really interested in her education and background.

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oh man, that is beautiful!

oh man, that is beautiful! I will def. check out the website.

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Here is one of her works. I

Here is one of her works. I will post some more.