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So...I got around to knitting my new dog a toy (mostly cause i was bored)... was thinking of making him an octopuss, but what came out was more squid-like. so, here's Morty's (dogs name) squidapuss. or octasquid..you pick

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yugidean: i just used

yugidean: i just used leftover and scrap yarns ;) and stuffed it w/ a pair of socks that i've had for 3 years but never worn. thx btw

ellacre: nope...i just icorded (thicker yarn got 3 sts, thinner yarn got 5sts)

grandcarriage: glad you love it; makes me happy. yes, i came up w/ the patt myself. i knew i could figure it out, it couldn't really be that hard to make a bunch of icord and then turn that into tentacles, and then make a bulbous head (pun intended? who knows :P) shape.

Mortimer has since ripped a big hole on one.....er, side(?). i'll wait till it's bigger or there are more before i darn it back together.

Thanks for your support guys!!!!

*to thine own self be true*

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uh, Morty has since ripped

uh, Morty has since ripped its guts out
SO.....i'm thinking, the next one i make him will be felted

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Kalaidoscopic calamari!

Kalaidoscopic calamari!

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Aw, yours is cooler than

Aw, yours is cooler than mine (see my blog from this January). I'm too cheap to knit in a bunch of colors like that. LOL. Good job!

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I likes the wild colors. I'm

I likes the wild colors. I'm thinking a deposit sample from a fertility clinic located near TMI or Chernobyl

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Dude, that thing's awesome.

Dude, that thing's awesome. I have a beagle who would probably just love sleeping with it; he won't "play" with anything that doesn't smell like food. Did you use a knitting noddy for the tentacles?

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This completely rocks.

This completely rocks. 'Cuttlefish" is a running joke at my local knit night... We have some marine biologists who knit there, and we all think cuttlefish are awsomely cool. Did you come up with this pattern yourself, or did you find it somewhere. I think it's awsome!

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Pom? and cuttlefish


and cuttlefish describes the toy pretty well....

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

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yes. he's part pomeranian

yes. he's part pomeranian and part spitz.
cuddlefish DOES describe it very welll

*to thine own self be true*