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I've finished a few projects recently! Check my ravelry for more details. Here's my pride and joy, though. This past sunday I was commissioned by a patron of the local coffee joint to make them two hats and refinance their mortgage. Here is one of the hats, a basic watchcap with fisherman's rib and a little embellishment at the request of the commissioner. I'm happy with it!

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I like stitching

I like stitching miscellaneous things into knitting. The hat looks good.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog I

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog
I like this hat too, love the hair as well!

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Wow, I really like it. The

Wow, I really like it. The few white stitches adds a really nice touch.

You should be happy with it.

You should be happy with it. It's a beautifully knitted hat.

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It is a great hat!! What

It is a great hat!! What does the embellishment say (or does it not). It' so simple and elegant. So are you going to knit the refinancing of the mortgage too?

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Its just some little

Its just some little rectangles darned in afterwards. He wanted something white on it to make it unique.

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It's very cool!

It's very cool!

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It's cute! Does the

It's cute! Does the embellishment signify anything or did he just want a splash of white in there?