Why the "tooth hat"?

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Because when it's worn, it looks a bit like a molar...

I'm going to make a white one for my dentist, and one for her baby...

But since this one is mostly blue, I guess I'll call it the "blue-tooth hat." It's kinda fun....


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Nice Hat, sometimes those hats look exteremely cute. Must be the model lol!

Hey! That looks

Hey! That looks fantastic!

So glad to have seen you at knit night yesterday.

I must say, thats an

I must say, thats an adoreable hat. I've been looking for goofy hats like that everywhere but have only found one site, woolly wormhead. Where did you come across this??

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I designed it myself...I had

I designed it myself...I had a 5 inch wide strip of handknit fabric that I steeked off a "too big panel" of a sweater I was knitting for my father. I knit until it was long enough to fit around my head and kitchener stitched the ends together... Then I picked up a stitch every other row on the bottom, and knit a rolled hem (2 rolls of k1p1 rib, 7 rows of stockinette). Then, I picked up the stitches on the top, knit 4 rounds in reverse stockinette (purl side showing) and divided the stitches by 4 and put them on double points... Then, starting at the ends of two adjacent needles, I kitchenered together the first half of the stitches on each needle...I repeated that on each needle end, creating the little points... Then I sewed the remaining small hole closed and sewed in the ends. easy peasy.

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Your hat (on your picture)

Your hat (on your picture) is pretty adorable, too, babe.

I LOVE the little tail on the side.

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How about the "mind masher

How about the "mind masher hat" or the "brain grinder" ... it kind of reminds me of an upside down mortar... :-)

Grace and Peace,

If you want us to admire the

If you want us to admire the hats then you have to stop smiling - the smile dazzles me and distracts from what I'm suppposed to be looking at. Just my opinion ...