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100 Bowls of Compassion rejected me. LOL That hurts! Rejected by a charity... Icing on the cake of a day that's been harrowing at best! I can't help but laugh ...okay, maybe I'm not laughing, but nevertheless. Anyone want a felted bowl and/or vase?


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Thanx! I am just

Thanx! I am just emotionally fragile lately and just read WAAAAAAAAAY too into the email. I'll just send both. I'm embarrassed now.

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Hi Joshua, Let me clarify -

Hi Joshua,

Let me clarify - they DO want your bowl!!! I'm the one who has final say in this and believe, they want your bowl! :-)

The thing about the vases is this. For this event, we invite people trained in the Sogetsu school of ikebana to create formal Japanese style flower arrangements. These arrangements are put throughout the space and really add to the environment. In our first couple of years, when we were primarily soliciting from potters, we got a lot of raku vases - and raku doesn't hold water. By the end of the evening, water had leaked out and they didn't sell, hence the wording about not accepting pieces that don't hold water.

So, PLEASE, send the bowl - and you can even send the vase, if you want. I'll figure some way to use it. And thank you for taking the time to do this! I promise photos of the event so we can all see the pieces that came from


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As I suggested below - is

As I suggested below - is *isn't* a "vase" - It is an "art bowl"

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

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I've heard from them and

I've heard from them and they are "accepting" my felt bowls sight unseen. I suspect Brent is correct in his interpretation of the likely typo, and that they cant take the vase because of the whole water-tight thing, but that the bowl will go into the auction with the rest of our stuff.


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That's disappointing, I hope

That's disappointing, I hope it is just a misunderstanding. I would try to contact them again as previously suggested, it sounds unclear as if perhaps they thought you were donating decorations rather than auction items. Or maybe you got a reply from someone (a volunteer maybe), who wasn't sure what was going on.

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It sounds to me like the

It sounds to me like the "Unfortunately, a felted bowl would't work" was probably a typo and they meant "felted vase wouldn't workt...." It sounds to me like they do want the bowl.

Brent Troth  Clearwater, Florida

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They are probably still

They are probably still accepting bowls non-auction so as to sell them for charity, just not at the event. But that is good to know before I got underway knitting my metal bowl. Next year a pitch for the use of flowers even without water can be used. Or natural stones or something for the knitted bowls.

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Did you send the bowl? Send

Did you send the bowl? Send a picture? How did you know you were rejected? I was about to send my bowl and I sent an email yesterday, but I haven't heard anything. Maybe I should hold off on sending my bowl!!

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Well, I emailed them and

Well, I emailed them and told them I was wanting to donate a knitted/felted bowl. I told them, too, that I'd made a knitted/felted vase as well and if it would fit into their auction, I'd love to send it, too. This was the exact email they sent back:

"Thanks for thinking of us! The vases we are looking for are to hold flowers donated as table centerpieces for the live auction. Unfortunately, a felted bowl wouldn't work for holding water and flowers. We do appreciate the generous donation of your felted bowl."

So I'm a bit on the confused side. Because they say no vase, then they say no bowl. Then they say thanks for the bowl... I don't have a clue.

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the bowl rejection is

the bowl rejection is probably a typo - resubmit the "vase" as an "art bowl"
MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

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I agree with the other

I agree with the other comments - sounds to me they meant to say that the vase wouldn't work for them. I'd email them back for clarification. I still haven't heard back from them.