Met A Fellow Male Knitter

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I am in a hotel in downtown Cheyenne, WY waiting for my truck to be repaired (again). I walked down to the lobby and into the coffee shop this morning and what do I see? A fellow sitting in a wheelchair knitting a scarf in intarsia on large straights.

He had several intarsia scarves in bright colors laying around him on the backs of chairs and such. It was obvious he's trying to sell them. If I'd had any spare money I would have bought one to help him out but my own wallet is a bit tight right now.

Naturally I couldn't resist walking over and talking to him. He said that he had taken up knitting to give him something to do since being in a wheelchair prevents him from doing a lot of the stuff he used to do, and also said he picks up an extra twenty bucks here and there from his scarves.

I let him know that I am a fellow knitter we chatted about it for a couple of minutes before I had to return to my room to take care of truck related business.

Once I finish up my morning coffee and the ton of phone calls I have to make and take I'll take my knitting backpack back down there in the hope that he'll still be there and we can spend a little more time talking about knitting while knitting together.

I just thought it was really cool to run across a fellow male knitter KIP.


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Hey Mason, Great story!! So

Hey Mason,

Great story!! So cool. Any chance you're coming down south through Denver? And thanks for letting us in on your chance meeting. Like it's been said... brings a smile around.

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Not passing through Denver

Not passing through Denver any time soon (that I know of).


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What a cool story. Just

What a cool story. Just another reason to knit in public.


Wonderful story! It's why

Wonderful story! It's why this website is so important for so very many of us. Thank you Darrel. It is because of you that so many have been able to come together across the distance and share our bits and pieces. I am still smiling from ear-to-ear.

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i love this string of

i love this string of comments. i love that this site is always so ready and willing to give. gives me hope. thanks

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Ok, I took a break and went

Ok, I took a break and went down to speak with the gentleman again. He doesn't have net access as he says he can't afford it, but he did give me his mailing address for anyone who might like to contact him and request a scarf to help him out a bit.

Anyone interested can send me a PM as I don't think posting his address publicly would be a good idea.


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I never thought of that. If

I never thought of that. If he's still down there I'll ask him if he has net access or some other means of mail ordering. I'm sure he'd appreciate the extra cash.

Don't know about a pic right now though, I think I left my camera in the truck.


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I hope he's still down

I hope he's still down there! Any chance of getting a picture of you two guys together? If he can do mail order, I'd pick up an intarsia scarf and I bet a few other folks would, too. ;)

What a great way to start your day... thanks for giving me something to smile about, too!