anyone eles have this problem

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i have an argyle cardigan that i have to track down some yarn for, so what do i do? start a new project. i also have a finished sweater that needs a fix. solution...start a new project. yikes


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Congratulations... you are a

Congratulations... you are a project whore. You love that first taste of a brand new yarn. You thrust your fingers into that ball of yarn with gusto, seeking the end of that center pull skein. You sneer at the pile of W.I.P.s and P.I.G.S. (projects in grocery sacks). You are a knitter with a brand new conquest!

The only advice I can give is try to at least finish one before you start the next. Force yourself to work on the others, with the new one being a treat for accomplishing this. I'd like to tell you this is a surefire solution, but I have an afghan for my best friend that been sitting in a bag untouched for over a year.

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Steve - just remember there

Steve - just remember there are two acceptable responses to just bout anything that happens in life.

a) buy yarn

b) cast on a new project.

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

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Naughty, naughty, you guys-

Naughty, naughty, you guys- you're leading this poor boy astray!

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It's a cold hard world out

It's a cold hard world out there Albert. We're just giving him the bitter truth.

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i think i might be able. i

i think i might be able. i was laready done with front panels, button edge and back and most of one sleeve

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Just do a left-hand turn and

Just do a left-hand turn and declare a new design. Re-conceive the cardigan and change the design elements from this point on.