New Projects...

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Here are a couple of new projects that I am working on. Both projects come from my LYS. The one is going to be a throw with 12 blocks. Each block is a different stich and that has been very interesting. We call this project the Block of the month throw, 12 blocks, one block a month, I am working on Marches block at this time, it has a couple of cables in it.
The next project is going to be felted slippers. I am making them for my granddaughter. I have never felted anything, so was very excited to try this class, Got the sole done tonight. HOmework for next wek is to get the other sole done and then add the tops in a different color. Hope all goes well.

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Today seems to be texture

Today seems to be texture day- you guys are giving me an itch. Nicely done!

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Love the colours, and the

Love the colours, and the look of different blocks of pattern.