Vase-ing your fears

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The bowl I knitted and felted for the 100 bowls of compassion came out reasonably well. I used my Paton's Soy-Wool-Stripes yarn. In my bag, I had two skeins of a different shade leftover, and since first using this yarn, I have handled much "better" yarns and have since determined that I'm not a big fan of it anymore. It lints and pills WHILE you're knitting...even the parts that you aren't touching or jostling. It's so annoying. Anyway, I thought I'd knit a second bowl, but when my first bowl was complete after only one skein, I decided to go a different route. I completely improvised a pattern for a vase. The top is nice and poofy and crinkled a little, then it slims down and in the narrow part, I put bobbles in decreasing size. I thought it'd be interesting to see how bobbles look when they've been felted. So I have large bobbles, then medium, then small. Then I made the bottom a nice bulb and panic-decreased* at the end as I neared the last of my second skein.

I tossed it in the washing machine on all the same settings as the bowl. I left it in the washer for about HALF the time my bowl was in there and it had to have shrunk at LEAST twice as much as the bowl did (proportionately speaking, of course). My panic-decrease crimped the bottom a bit, but making the "bulbous" part flatter during this shaping/blocking process seems to resolve those "pleats." I think it's wonderful! When I pulled it out, I just laughed my ass off at how dramatically it had shrunk, but I'm so pleased it's ridiculous. I mean, I just completely improvised the whole thing. I used my WONDERFUL pewter Celtic Stitch Markers (thank you again, kiwiknitter!) to section it out so decreases and increases were nice and even, and just went by sight to gauge whether I was going to fast or slow with either one. I will post pictures soon, but I want to wait until the shaping/blocking is done and I can trim some of the massive amounts of fuzz off. I won't go shaving the thing, but it's "hairy" enough that it's masking the striping and bobbles, so...

*panic-decrease: decrease in normal fashion by k2tog, only decrease at an unreasonably rapid rate. For example, you might normally decrease one stitch per section for the whole round, knit one or two rounds, then decrease one stitch per section again and repeat. For a panic-decrease, decrease two stitches per section for a round, decrease one stitch (or more) per section on the next round, and continue in this fashion, inserting non-decreased rounds sporadically and sparingly. End project with enough yarn left that you could have decreased normally, only tell yourself that it may LOOK like enough, but it probably wouldn't have been.


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I have to agree about the

I have to agree about the Paton's SWS. I did a scarf with it and I probably won't use it again. Anyway, loved reading your post. Look forward to seeing pics!!

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Did you have a lot of burs

Did you have a lot of burs in yours, too? annoying to pick them out of it.

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Can't wait to see the bowl

Can't wait to see the bowl and vase. By the way, you have really appealing punctuation.

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By "appealing," do you mean

By "appealing," do you mean more commas than, are, necessary? LOL

Commas and I get along...too well.

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No, your commas are just

No, your commas are just right.

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Oh, you, guys! ;-) Think

Oh, you, guys!

Think less, enjoy it more.