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I finished the fronts on mom's cardigan...but I think the neck opening isn't as generous as I would like, so I'm either going to frog back 18 rows (about an hour of knitting) or just do the shaping on the sewing machine and then doing a faux crochet steek over the edge. Then again, what's 2 hours labour (x2 for both fronts) compared to the 9 months she carried me in her womb. LOL


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I've decided that I'm going

I've decided that I'm going to do a rolled stockinette piping over the edge, so I can go ahead and do the shaping on the sewing machine, as the edge will be hidden, anyway... Hooray, less work! Found the posting when I started doing the fronts: 8 days it took to get the fronts done. Now I have to do Dad's fronts. That will be very fast, I think, as it is just endless stockinette. I might toss in some cables, though...I don't know....

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nice pic, like charly's

nice pic, like charly's angel xD it is so funny!

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Good comparison, don't

Good comparison, don't forget her labor as well.

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Well, I have to say I shared

Well, I have to say I shared the room for 9 months with my twin perhaps I only owe half as much? LOL.

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probably have to ask mom is

probably have to ask mom is was twice as hard with twins or two for the price of one, a twofer :)

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Funnily enough, Mom didn't

Funnily enough, Mom didn't know she had twins: Were were incredibly small: I was under 3.5 pounds, and outside of a small birthdefect (gill slits~brachial cleft), I and my twin brother were very healthy. I think together, we were both just over 7 pounds...

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I'm an identical twin,

I'm an identical twin, too...and we were 4.5 pounds each...

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Extra charges for double

Extra charges for double occupancy!

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

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