Pre-felted bowl : a question

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This is my pre-felted bowl for potterdc's "100 Bowls of Compassion" event. It's done on size 11s with Cascade 220 Ginger and Cascade 220 Pear.

I have a front-loading washer and I found this question asked before (with comments) back in July 2006 ( I thought I'd ask for some updates on this issue before I decide whether or not I should try my washing machine or go a laundromat (or washateria, as they say in Dallas).

If you've felted anything using a front-loading washer and have any advice or comments, please let me know. Thanks!


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Frank, have you considered

Frank, have you considered going over the bowl with a soft vegetable brush and soapy water to give it a controlled finish? Just a thought.

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Albert... I wouldn't have

Albert... I wouldn't have known to try that. Maybe that will give it the finished touch that I'm looking for? I'm not sure I have a vegetable brush but I'll get one!! Can I do this after the bowl has started to dry a bit? Thanks!

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I think if you do it dry you

I think if you do it dry you will bring up the nap and get a halo effect. If you do it wet you should get more felting, but you will be in control of it. If you don't want a halo and prefer a crisper look you can use a fuzz buster on the dry bowl. Maybe test it out on an old swatch first to see if you get the result you want.

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I was thinking I'd wet it

I was thinking I'd wet it again, but was just wondering if that's okay... to get the bowl wet again and use the vegetable brush. I definitely don't want a halo effect.

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Frank, Very nice bowl!


Very nice bowl! Looking forward to seeing it felted!~Mike

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Well, I was impatient and

Well, I was impatient and based one what I'd read in the earlier post, I used my front loader... seems to be okay. I'm actually able to trick the washer into thinking it's done and letting me open the door before the end of the entire cycle and certainly before the final spin cycle. I've run it through twice and I think I might need to do just one more, but in cold water instead of hot this time. It's down to the size I want it do I don't want it to shrink anymore, but there's still some stockinette visible... just a bit and just barely, but enough to bother me. I'll post a pic soon.

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So, did you use your front

So, did you use your front loader or go to the laundromat and use a top loader?

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What's the diameter of the

What's the diameter of the pre-felted bowl?

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Hi Tom, I've already felted

Hi Tom,

I've already felted it and I didn't meausure it, but if I had to guess, it was probably around 8". It's drying now and I have to say, I'm very pleased! Once it's dry I'll take another photo and post it.

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I haven't started my bowl

I haven't started my bowl yet for "100 Bowls of Compassion". I'm going to go buy the yarn tomorrow ... but I already have some ideas for the pattern.

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Good luck!! This was my

Good luck!! This was my first felted project. It's a bit smaller than I thought, but I'm very happy with it. Can't wait to see what other people do.

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Nice bowl (it looked like a

Nice bowl (it looked like a hat) with bold pattern. I am always impressed with your projects, especially the hats. Keep up the good work plus it's going to support a good cause.- Cullen