Chemo Caps

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These are some chemo caps that I made this week to donate to our local hospital. They are a lot of fun to knit and go fast. I've ordered a lot of yarn to make more, they mentioned they need some masculine colors. I used Stephen's Carrot cake hat pattern that he posted here a while back for the striped hats .

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Those are great. I've made a

Those are great. I've made a few hats for chemo patients and they always seemed to like the most frivilous ones. Anything with fun fur was a big hit. My mother asked me to make one for our family doctor when when she was being treated for breast cancer - she evidently never took it off.

Great job for a good cause, how do you get them to the patients? Is there a middle man of sorts?


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I just take them to the

I just take them to the oncology dept of our hospital and they take care of them. If they like the fun fur ones, I'm (they're) in luck as I got 24 skeins on ebay for $6.50, but $18.00 shipping and I already had 6 skeins.


very beautiful. Some

very beautiful. Some deserving person will feel uplifted.

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Thanks Rob! Randy

Thanks Rob!


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I'm glad to see that the 'ol

I'm glad to see that the 'ol Carrot Cake hat pattern is being put to good use. I have thought about making chemo caps, but have not gotten to it yet. What kind of yarn do you use for them? I think I read somewhere that cotton yarn is preferred because it's not scratchy on sensitive scalps.


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I used cotton for the black

I used cotton for the black & gray stripe cap along with the eyelash in the blue one. I used Merino for the tan one. Your pattern works great for these hats.


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Nice work, Randy. I think

Nice work, Randy. I think you'll bring some smiles to a place where they are sorely needed.

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Thank-you, that would make

Thank-you, that would make my day.