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I started the front Thurs of last week at knitnight (KnitPurl)... My goal was to do 1 row of blocks each day...with today, that would be 9 rows of blocks. I'm currently working on the 12th row of blocks, next row starts the armhole decrease and the neck shaping (or maybe not...I think I'd like a crew neck cardigan...I have to look at my Fassett books and decide what I'd like to see on my mom.... I think I've decided to do the ribbing in Noro silk garden if I can find a colorway that works with this sweater.......OR I might do a 2 color rib with a solid color and kureyon.


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They know I'm doing

They know I'm doing sweaters, they don't know how involved. I think I am going to do a 2 color rib in a solid and a noro kureyon type yarn for both.... There is a lot of color switching on Mom's but for the most part, it's easy-peasy: Just stockinette (I knit fromt he rightside only on things like this...right to left, left to right).

Dad's sweater is just engineered yarn> spit joined ends, knit as one long piece of yarn with no weaving in of ends except for bits of linen, silk, or cottom.

Mom's is going to be a modified crew neck cardigan with buttons and dads, I think, is going to be a zip cardigan.

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could you do the border on

could you do the border on your Dad's sweater in blocks and do the ribbing on your mom's sweater in the striping like your dad's sweater? I'm still amazed at your skill - and I still love these sweaters... do your parents know that they're in the works or are they surprises?


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I had thought about that,

I had thought about that, actually...The only thing... both sweaters are very busy...Although I LOVE the idea of having stripey finishing on Mom's and checkerboard on Dads, I'd worry that it would just be WAY TOO MUCH... I might just settle for a nice complimentary noro-type yarn, or 2 strands of very close but not identical colour jameson tweed sportweight tweed knitted together.