Finishing stiches for circular knitting

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I have trouble making the finishing stitches on a circular piece look good.

Does anyone have a recommendation or reference on how to do the finishing stitches?

Thank you

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What I do is pick up an

What I do is pick up an extra stitch from the first stitch cast on and then pass the last stitch over the new stitch. Then just pull your tail through this and weave in.

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Actually, making the

Actually, making the bind-off look seemless is quite easy. Let's see if I can recall from memory how to do it. Bind off all stitches leaving last loop on right needle, cut yarn leaving a long tail. Thread a darning needle with the tail. Looking down in the cast off stitches you see what looks like a crochet chain. Pull the darning needle from right to left through the first bound off stitch, pull snug, pull needle through the loop on the needle then back through the bound off st from right to left again. This will recreate a nice crochet looking loop between the first and last bound off sts and there will not be a bump!

Thank you. It looks

Thank you. It looks beautiful. I knitted a traditional Cornish Gansey for my husband and it seemed a shame to have everything else so neat then end the neckband with an ugly bump.

Your instructions made perfect sense and I've copied them (with your picture!) to keep in my knitting tool kit. I love this website.

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Good on you, Livia, for

Good on you, Livia, for reviving this post. I didn't learn how to knit until 2009 so this post was "before my time". And thank you, Shawn, for posting it in the first place! And, yeah, I love this website too. It makes me feel lucky to be a knitter...

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Worked great. I tried this

Worked great. I tried this methods and it looks better than what I was doing; knitting into the first bind-off stitch.

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That's what I do with great

That's what I do with great results. Thanks for taking the energy to write it all out!

Knit like the wind!

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Great, I'll try that.

Great, I'll try that.

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I guess what I am looking

I guess what I am looking for is how to make it look more seamless with the start of the bind-off stitches. Thanks!

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Oh - hiding the transition

Oh - hiding the transition and then the final stitch.....sometimes you can use a needle and a long tail and disguise it by whipping the edge or weaving in and out.

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Ah, I see. I'll try that.

Ah, I see. I'll try that. Thanks for the suggestion!

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Lots of fiddling as you make

Lots of fiddling as you make them.