New guy, and question

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I've been following the threads at the forums here for a while and decided to join. I would like to extend a friendly hello to my fellow knitters.

My experience is limited, though I have done some minor lace patternwork. Currently I am working on a mosaic stitch scarf, and will post a pic of that later.

By this coming fall I have planned to start on a sweater. To get ready for that I'd like to get a few good tutorial books. I would appreciate any advice on good ones to purchase. I'm wanting to learn the top down method. Right now I am considering Barbara Walkers book, or the Sweater Workshop. Which of those two is the better, or should I get both? Are there any other books that you would recommend?
I don't want to get mentally muddled by an overkill of several different styles or approaches.

This has proved to be my favorite knitter's website. I am very happy to have found it and I look forward to learning more from all of your shared experiences.

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Hi guys...I'm new here as

Hi guys...I'm new here as well . I love sweaters . So, I went out got a book, got some plastic yarn, some metal needles and taught myself to knit . I didn't know any better . The first project was working through Walker's First Treasury of Knitting Patterns (ha,ha). "The foulish know no bounds" . I was not giving up !
All those knitted bits turned into a blanket. It was about 1 year latter I learned that maybe I should learn to hold the needles properly. I have never turned back !
Here in Colorado at 9300 ft above sea level , (my closest neighbor is about 3 miles) I have not found any male knitters > I fact I have not found many knitters at ALL ! I hope to buddy-up with you guys, if ya don't mind.

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Welcome OzarkMtMan...

Welcome OzarkMtMan...

Welcome to the site, hope you find all the answers you are looking for. I don't know of any books on sweaters at this time. I have several on socks and scarves, some mittens. Currently working on a block a month to make a lap throw at LYS. I to have played a mountain Dulcimer, I haven't touched mine in several years, the instructer that was teaching me moved. I was learning her way of playing, not how to read music and read it so I could play on Dulcimer. I love to hear Dulcimer music, sad I haven't touched mine in a while. Nice to have you on MHK, loooking forward to seeing some of your work
Barry-the Kilted Knitter

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Hi Barry, I trained on

Hi Barry,
I trained on the classical guitar when I was yet a teenager then I moved on to playing the lute. Years ago, in that process, I took up playing on the mountain dulcimer. It is my "toy", and it is the oldest of all the instruments that are still in my posession. after a number of years I named it Lazurus, because it has been to hockey sticks and back with me on a number of occassions. It is a survivor, too.
My style of playing is very different from the norm. I play over the top and under the bottom. I rarely play it on my lap. My playing style is a fusion of classical training on the guitar and the lute, combined with a blues and folk influence. I like to take very obscure folk songs that I have come across and make arrangements for them on the dulcimer, to give them a new life for a modern audience.
I also play a celtic harp, that was custom made for me, along with playing various wind instruments.

I know that is all off topic from the gist of the group's interest. Forgive me for straying here to explain my other loves.

Thanks for your welcome, Barry.

You let go of it, it let go of you.

Velcro Confucious

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Thanks for the wave, guys!

Thanks for the wave, guys!

Scottly, the instrument that I am holding in my profile pic is a reproduction of a sixteenth century Italian lute. The original is in a museum in Milan. I generally play Elizabethan composer's music, though; mostly John Dowland. The other instrument is indeed a mountain dulcimer.

Randy, I also love to garden. I am a strict organic gardener that has been at that for some years. It is my other paramour in life.

Albert, I have a few other projects lined up already, so tackling a sweater will be on hold for now. Also, I want to work on small projects over the warm summer moths, like hats, mittens, socks, etc.... I don't use AC here in my cabin. There aren't many days that would really demand that, and I don't want to get unacclimated to summer weather. I am abstaining during the summer from working on any projects that would lay on my lap while the sun is riding high.
I only recently started knitting again after a hiatus of a number of years. My first new project was a baskeyweave stitch scarf. It came out nice enough but, as I am apt to do, I gave it away. I will take pictures of the mosaic stitch scarf that I am presently working on and I will share that with you.

Smitty, I sincerely admire your aptitude, and wish to offer you a friendly hello!

To all others I thank you again for your warm welcome.

You let go of it, it let go of you.

The Velcro Confucious



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Hey OzarkMtMan is that a

Hey OzarkMtMan is that a mandolin you have in your hands and a dulcimer by your side? I love the sounds of both. Can I assume you play classic mountain? If not what? Welcome to MWK and I would love to see some of your work.


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I'm not familiar with the

I'm not familiar with the books but I would like to extend a warm welcome to the group.


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Welcome, Arrow. Both books

Welcome, Arrow. Both books you mention are highly regarded based on comments I've seen here as well as the reviews on Amazon, though I have read neither so I can't comment further. I wonder why you want to wait till fall to start a sweater- why not just jump in? In any case enjoy your knitting and learning and let us share your work.

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I'm brand new here as well,

I'm brand new here as well, and haven't posted any pics yet, or made any comments. I got inspired 'several' years ago when my wife and I found a TVO special on Kaffe Fassett. I hadn't knit for years, but after watching his 3 part series, I went out and purchased about 30 colors, and set to work. I also purchased 2 of his books; not to follow his patterns, but to study his thinking and approach. Later I purchased a book by Sally Melville, called "Styles", as recommended by a lady knitter I met.
From this, I created my own style, which I call FreeStyle Knitting. I won't elaborate too much right now on this, but in essence, in my style, there are NO RULES, no counting, LOTS of color; work mostly with lengths of color. I also work almost exclusively with Circ Needles. I think I now have about 130 colors. I've never really knit anything wearable per se, except a few 'colorful' tukes, and a 12' scarf several years ago. I mainly just play around with 'afghans' of sorts. Have never attempted a sweater, so really can't recommend any book.
I'm sure however, you will find other 'experienced' male knitters on here who can offer suggestions in that area.
Currently I am trying to learn Continental Knitting - not easy, but interesting. Anyway, ENJOY your many upcoming knitting projects.

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Greetings and welcome,

Greetings and welcome, Smitty! Wow, you are definitely into color. K.F is my knitting hero, but my attempts to emulate him have not yet succeeded. I look forward to seeing pictures of your work (and your stash!).

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Hey Albert. Thank you for

Hey Albert. Thank you for your kind words. Yes, Kaffe Fassett is also MY knitting hero. I am BLOWN AWAY by his work, as is my wife, although she has never been a knitter. Color is my thing, lol! I've been a Balloon Twisting entertainer for many many years, so work with many colors.
I like to sit, and just knit with 'lengths' of color; all different lengths; when the length ends, I change color. In any project I do, I 'do not' like using the same color twice; I know, CRAZY. Well, that's not entirely true, but almost. I'm working on a 'throw' for our bed now. It will 'eventually' be 7 squares across, by 7 squares in length, each square COMPLETELY DIFFERENT, and each square is 1' x1'. I C.O. 3 squares, and am just on my 3rd set of the 1 set at the moment - meaning, I'm up to 7,8,9.
Perhaps I could be called an 'Abstract' knitter. Anyway, will be happy to post the few photos I have, when I figure how to do that.

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color and balloons made me

color and balloons made me think of knittin using bright colored elastic bands. that could inetersting. ever try it?

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welcome. i am not the one

welcome. i am not the one to recommend books here, but many guys have lots of experience and freely will offer their knowledge. it's a very comforting and supportive community here. lots of luck

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Thank you kindly for your

Thank you kindly for your welcome.