Getting to know you...

All right, this nervous ghoster is going to attempt to finally be a part of this group. :-)
I have to say that you guys are very talented...from beginner to expert. Can we go off the beaten path for a moment? I'd like to know a little about you. Also, I'd like to know what projects are being worked on, and what it is you find to be a real challenge knit-wise. This may be lame, but I have to stop sitting on the outside looking in. This is the only way I can think of to break the ice. So, I hope many of you will write.
As for me, I am working on yet another cable knit sweater. Planned...more sweaters and a few scarves. My challenge is Fair Isle, and Intarsia knitting. Any suggestions? I'm so anal about being neat. I get mixed up with how to cross my yarns. I want to become better.
One other thing, this is a great group of people. I've enjoyed peering in.


RickMartin's picture

Hey there Gregg, It's been 3

Hey there Gregg,
It's been 3 years since you posted this and still none of your work posted? Are you kidding me???
Hey buddy - where have you been? I've called, written, etc. no response.
And to answer your thread question - to support my habit I take good care of my wife. She likes the things I knit for her so she's generally buying me yarn and patterns.
I've knit two sweaters - hate them both and gave them to a Goodwill store. Maybe there is someone out there who has one arm that is 20" long and the other that is 33" with a head that is pinpoint sized. Oh well.
I usually follow a pattern. And have gotten into lace knitting of all kinds.
I am working on a tapestry weaving. (my first)
I just finished knitting a shawl that my LYS asked me to do so that they could sell more of the yarn. I'll post that here soon.
And I've finished the first block of a spiral shawl. We'll see how that goes.
While I do knit a lot for my wife, I also started a group that meets weekly at my LYS and makes squares that are knit together to make afghans. So far they've donated about 125 afghans to local charities.
I also knit a lot of prayer shawls for people I know who are ill. As I knit them I pray for them, their condition, their families, the people supporting them, etc. It is a rewarding way to work - and great yoga for my mind!
Give me a call, buddy.

CLABBERS's picture

Hello Gregg, We have chatted

Hello Gregg,
We have chatted before and I have enjoyed your online company a great deal.
I am a language arts/reading teacher at a middle school. I've been teaching for 37 years. I also teach as an adjunct professor at a few universities from time to time, some online, some in the classroom. I find that knitting at the end of each day returns me to a sane place where I can refill my spent energy. Teaching is so draining that I need time to sit, reflect, knit, and relax. I can't wait until I get to the point in knitting where I know much more and find the patterns less difficult.

I am currently working on some slippers I found in the book "The Knitting Man(ual); 20+ Projects for Guys" by Kristin Spurkland. I am pleased with my progress so far. The pattern was a bit confusing to me, so I found her email and I was happy that she responded it. The next step is going to be even more confusing because it asks me to do things with waste yarn and I have never done that before. But, as many of the guys on here have suggested, I will trust the pattern.

I hope you meet tons of new people on this site. I have and have grown fond of them all. Everyone is so genuine and that is so rare on the Internet. I wish I could go to the retreat in Colorado so I could actually meet some of the guys. It would be great to add that memory to my nightly knitting. There is nothing better than being with others who enjoy the same things we do. It's a great bond.

Be well, enjoy spring, and keep knitting.


I have two jobs. I teach

I have two jobs. I teach English as a second language at a local university in a community-based program and also design and sell religious vesture. I am currently finishing two cardigans I started LONG ago and have vowed to purchase no new yarn this year and work off my stash...... I have the yarn for more than six months for my first FairIsle project which still intimidates me but is something I will force myself to begin next along with my first EZ sweater which I am really anxious to start . I enjoy socks but I am a very slow knitter so I have only done a few pairs at this point. There are lots of planned projects and never enough time to knit....

scenter's picture

Hello Gregg...Welcome to

Hello Gregg...Welcome to MWK, glad you decided to de-lurk.

I am a Perfumer by trade, and a chemist by training (yeah, I make scents for a living :-P), who picked up knitting as another creative endeavour. I have lots of socks going (It's that #2 that is hard to finish), plus a few shawls and hats, I have purchased materials for sweaters, but haven't crossed that hurdle yet. I also crochet, and do tatting.

I have done some small fair isle projects, but have not yet attempted anything big because I still find it very slow, although we are improving.

NoNewWitticisms's picture

Myself the man i' the moon

Myself the man i' the moon do seem to be. I sit and have visions of sugarplums, and sometimes feel the need to write them down. Recently my sugarplums demanded to be knit, so I have taken up knitting. No sugarplums yet; just banana peels and apple cores.

I'm patient, though.

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Welcome Gregg... Hi my name

Welcome Gregg...

Hi my name is Barry aka the Kilted Knitter. Yes I wear a kilt and love the freedom. I am a self-employed hairdresser and own my own shop. I have been doing hair for almost 28 years. I have often thought about trying something else but can't think of anything that will support me and my habits, and keep me in the lifstyle that I think I would like to live in.
Knitting for me is a way for me to unwind and relax. Although there are times I can get worked up on a project the I have to frog it several times, like the halfdome pattern from Knitty. I thought that hat would be a easy project and has beatten me several times. I have done socks and scarves, and a shawl. My current project is to do a block a month at my local yarn shop. At the end of the year we will stitch all 12 blocks together and it will make a lap throw. Each block is a different stitch, so each block will be different. I am trying to do two of each block so that I can give one of the throws as a gift at Christmas.
Nice to meet you and have you here with the group.
Barry-the Kilted Knitter

Hey Barry. Talk about being

Hey Barry. Talk about being busy! Slow down man...slow down! :-)
It's a pleasure meeting you as well and thank you for the warm welcome.


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Hi I'm Aaron. I'm an

Hi I'm Aaron. I'm an alpaca-holic. I support my habit by working in the accounting department for an electronics manufacturer. I knit mostly because I like the feel of the fibers in my fingers. Whatever I make is usually given to someone as a gift. Often for no other reason than I made it and I thought the person might like it. I am currently working on another pair of felted clogs, a pair of felted mittens, and nearing the end of a feather and fan lace wrap. All for as yet undetermined recipients. I knit socks for myself and I've got a couple pairs of those going right now too.

Hey Aaron. Well, once again

Hey Aaron. Well, once again we are in the same boat. For all the time I have spent knitting or whatever, I have so little to show for it. Everyone else receives my work simply because I know they will enjoy it. That makes us two very generous people, or two raggedy and stupid people. I hope it's the former with a little of the latter in for spice. LOL
Tell me, how is the whole felting experience. I thought about it, but am not sure I will like doing it.

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I support my habit by

I support my habit by working at a local surgery center as a recovery room nurse. I have been knitting for about 10 years, it all started with a baby sweater for my first son. My wife has since picked up the knitting habit. Most of the work that we do is cabled aran type sweaters and some color stranding work. (The color stranding is really a mess on the back on the first project but becomes very neat after a couple of attempts).

I am currently putting the collar on sweater for my son that has cables in place of the ribbing and on the yoke. I'll post a picture when I get it sown up. I already have the yarn to start a cabled sweater for my sons teacher, she has been real special to him this year, so she deserves it (How come we always knit for other people are rarely for ourselves?)

I really only work on one project at a time (I know I am strange) and my stash really is more of a collection of scraps from my completed projects (Ok how many of you guys just had chest pain with that comment?) and the remains of the one sweater I have not finished (It was a Dale of Norway design with a jewel purple color and black color work. They were just too dark and my old eyes had trouble with the pattern because the black and purple were just too dark and the knitting was creating stress instead of creating relaxation).

My plans for the upcoming future are: 1) I would like to try out continental knitting to see if I should make the switch. 2) I would like to try making a pair of socks. 3) I just got the sweater Workshop and would like to design my own sweater for myself.

The great thing about this site is there is always someone who is willing to get you excited about a new knitting project. Also no matter what the level of experience, everyone has great information to share. We can always learn something new.

Jim, what can I say about

Jim, what can I say about what you do? I can only applaud you. The work you do must be so draining. Still you find time to knit for your family. Good man! What a nice way for you and your wife to spend quality time together and unwind. It's so nice having you in this group. Keep us all posted with what you are doing. I'm very interested in what you come up with by way of a sweater design. MAKE SURE IT IS FOR YOU! :-)


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Hi there, I am an interior

Hi there,
I am an interior designer and recently started my own design company. I've also worked as a nursery manager/florist/gardener for 10 years and I am now taking classes to become a master gardener through the county extension.
I first started knitting and crocheting about 6 months ago. I began as a way to make some Christmas gifts. I found that I really enjoy the link to the past that these skills provide, especially in regards to my grandmothers and great-grandmother.
I'm currently working on my first sweater. It is the Seamless Saddle Shoulder Pulloever by Elizabeth Zimmerman. I'm also working on some crocheted placemats. I have many more design ideas for sweaters and home accents floating around in my head. I just need to sort them out from the rest of the garbled mess that's up there.

Well if that garbled mess is

Well if that garbled mess is the cause of what you have come up with for designs, then you just keep that garbled mess going on in that head. Please let us all see how you are coming along. And congratulations on your design business. I am sure you will do very well.


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What a great idea for a

What a great idea for a thread...I have wondered what all the guys here did to support the habit :)

As for me, I work as an Independent Living Coordinator/advocate...coordinator with some direct consumer services, advocate on the state and federal level to try and keep the bureaucrats from shutting down needed services for the disabled. The IL philosophies are some that I have taken into my personal life...nothing about us without us and people have the freedom to choose. We help people who do not want to be in a nursing home or other institution get back into their community and get set up so they can live a life of hope instead of despair. My partner and I are also working on beginning a national program that deals with GLBT disability issues.

As for the knitting, I am very new, only been doing it since late December, early January of this year. I am a starter, I have only finished 2 things, my first scarf for my partner, Don, and a scarf for my mom. I am currently working on a celtic cable scarf in wool, an alpaca sweater, a double knit scarf with a cool check pattern, and am getting ready to throw on a baby blanket and a lap throw.....maybe someday I will get something finished.

Thank you for starting this thread, I hope more of you guys respond. and Gregg, I also am anxious about seeing some of your stuff.

Brad, all I can say is thank

Brad, all I can say is thank you.


You guys have recharged me.

You guys have recharged me. I am going to have to start something new or else. Time to start looking at yarn companies and go to my brother and sister with my hands out. Thank goodness they don't mind supplying my drugs...uh, YARN. :-)

Buck Strong's picture

I think I can join this

I think I can join this Reindeer Game.

Hey Gregg. I'm Geoff, wanna-be cowboy/HS math teacher. I'm totally new here too. The guys are great and are a wealth of knowledge. I'm totally addicted to this site, always checking out all the cool work that these guys do. Can't wait to see your stuff.


OK, Mr. Geoff you forgot to

OK, Mr. Geoff you forgot to answer my questions. Come on...keep up now! :-)

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Hey, glad you decided to

Hey, glad you decided to break the ice. I'm learnig a lot from this thread. Personally I feel like a total dilettante when I come to this site but I truly am trying to get more serious and I can't believe how much I've learned being here just a few weeks. I've crocheted most of my life and learned the basics of knitting in college but never really took it much further then the garter stitch unitil I stopped smoking in November 07 and I really needed to keep my mind occupied. Anyway, I'm trying to get socks down (my first pair are pretty funny). Right now I'm working on a Himalayan Tote Bag in recycled silk (pix to come soon).


P.S. It doesn't take nerve to post pix - just a digital camera. :-)

I'm a crocheter as well

I'm a crocheter as well Scott. What talent we have in this group. And, yes sir, you are correct in your post script. Smarty! :-)

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Hey There! I'm a Speech

Hey There!

I'm a Speech Therapist and Singer in Atlanta. I still consider myself a kind of "new knitter," (less than a year of contiuous practice) but I've certainly taken to it! I've got five projects on needles now: a striped scarf (using the Brooklyn Tweed Noro idea, but with a washable merino--Tahki Torino Print), A baby blanket in linen stich, a sweater of my own design in the round (EZ again) using a Walker stitch pattern call dragon skin and Noro Kureon, a Manos del Uruguay (pattern and yarn) wrap jacket for Mom for Mother's Day, and a Fiddlesticks lace pattern (Persian Mystique) that I'm just finishing the guage swatch for now in Fiddlelsticks Silk "Demi". I've got a few others in the wings waiting--another cardi, a felted bowl for Jonathan, fingerless gloves, socks, and another sweater or jacket using that Viscose I posted about a few weeks ago (still pondering). My stash is growing way too rapidly--though I'm assured this is normal for a new guy--so I think i need to go on a yarn diet until I get some of these WIPs turned into FOs!

Recent FOs include a scarf in a Waffley kinda boxy kinda stitch pattern I found in a book in Blue sky organic cotton, teddy bear (Baby Bobi bear pattern) in brown Blue Sky cotton, and a big cardigan (the basketcase Jacket in Men in Knits by Tara Jon Manning) in brown Rowan Big Wool. Someday I'll get pictures of all this posted.

Gosh, no wonder I'm tired! seriously, though, I'm LOVING my new hobby.


STUART!!!!! Shhh! You

STUART!!!!! Shhh! You aren't supposed to give it ALL away. Sheesh! LOL
You have definitely gotten the knitting fever. How great is that. And, like you, I also keep a few projects going at once. I do love more involved projects, but I also keep easier ones going just for a change of pace and to alleviate the boredom of repetitiveness. Yes, sometimes it can be a little tedious. So, a few projects and thorough notes keep me very content.
You have learned well grasshopper. I can't wait to see how you are coming along with everything.

albert's picture

Ah, there you are, we've

Ah, there you are, we've been expecting you! I like to knit sweaters using Fair Isle technique. I have absolutely no color sense, so I am limiting myself to three colors, max. I try to create my own motifs, though I suspect there is nothing new under the sun. I could not follow a pattern to save my life, so I don't try. When I need to learn something, I teach myself; I have no desire to clutter up my brain otherwise. Right now I am starting a sweater using Bartlettyarns sport weight yarn in Blackberry and natural light sheep's grey (Bartletts has been spinning yarn here in Maine since 1821). The weight is sport weight and I will be using size 3 Knitpics harmony wood needles. Now If you'll excuse me, I have to run along and cast on 360 very tiny stitches (pray for me).

Oh tiny stitch maker, you

Oh tiny stitch maker, you have been prayed for. How did you do? :-)
Well, I don't know how you work without a pattern. I am self taught as well and I can't imagine not going by a pattern. I guess it will come in time. You have definitely surpassed me in the talent department. You and than blasted MMario! I should break both YOUR hands. :-) Thank you for the welcome.

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Hi Gregg, I am Randy. I have

Hi Gregg,

I am Randy. I have been knitting and crocheting off and on since I was 7 or 8 years old. I have gotten back into it big time now. I just finished the cobblestone pullover and am working on some chemo hats that I will be donating to our local hospital. I have made a swatch for a hooded jacket I will be starting soon. I have been on a buying spree lately, I just can't seem to help myself. Looking forward to seeing some of your projects.


Hello Randy! Thank you for

Hello Randy! Thank you for the warm welcome. How great that you are making chemo hats for your local hospital. I tell you, you guys are awesome! I am so proud to be in your company.

albert's picture

"Just finished the

"Just finished the cobblestone"!? Where are the photos? Bad Randy, Bad Bad, Randy!! (ouch, I hurt myself typing that).

crmartin's picture

I'll post pictures after I

I'll post pictures after I get it blocked. I ordered a Wooly Board and received it last weekend after reading your reviews. I'll probably get around to it this coming weekend. I tried it on but do not like the way it fits. The yoke is kind of droopy.


albert's picture

"Blocking sootheth the

"Blocking sootheth the droopy yoke". That's in the Bible, or Shakespeare, or somewhere. Look forward to the pics.

purlyman's picture

Hey there, I'll play too!

Hey there, I'll play too! I'm a librarian here in the Mile High City.

Started knitting in Virginia when I was a working at the UVa in Charlottesville and continue to this day. I knit every morning while Matt does a crossword.

Right now I'm working on the Cobblestone Sweater from Fall 2007 Interweave Knits (by Jared Flood), just finished the Hiking Socks from _The Knitting Man(ual)_, and am working on a baby hat that I'm designing myself on the fly.

I was going to say welcome to the group, but since you've already said you've been around, I'll say welcome to your voice!!

Frank, you learned to knit

Frank, you learned to knit for a very good reason. Sad, but good. I'm glad you stuck with it and are part of this group. I'm looking forward to seeing your finished Cobblestone sweater and your design for a baby hat. Thank you for the welcome.


MasonM's picture

OK, I'll play. I'm a trucker

OK, I'll play.

I'm a trucker who is a newbie knitter still learning. I muddle through stuff as best I can.

At the moment I am working on a vest in alpaca, a cabled tie, yet another hat, and some socks.


Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste

Well, I do thank you for

Well, I do thank you for playing along. We all began with the muddling. I'm sure you do beautiful work.

MMario's picture

I know some of the others

I know some of the others consider me "experienced" - but that's not how I feel. And I've learned probably as much, perhaps more from the new knitters as I do from "experts". My ongoing project at the moment is learning how to write up an understandable pattern, minimizing the mistakes in both written and charted instructions. UP uyntil quite recently most of my projects were off the cuff "wing it" type things - but it's frustrating when asked "What's the pattern" and all you can say is "Uh - I just knit what I felt like"

I'm pretty much stuck on lace though - and moose lace at that. Big needles.

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

MasonM's picture

Oh please. You are a quite

Oh please. You are a quite accomplished knitter producing some very beautiful pieces.


Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste

MMario's picture

The very same can be said of

The very same can be said of you, Mason - and it didn't take you 47 plus years to get to that stage. *grin*

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

Aranlover_989's picture

For me, right at the moment

For me, right at the moment I am using the EPS system and vol. 1 of the Walker series and the "Handy Guide to Patterns" (I think that's the title) to design my own Aran, as I set off to take the Master Knitter courses through the Knitters Guild, and to ween myself off of pre-made patterns.
Honestly, all I've ever knitted were blankets and Aran sweaters, but I think for me the hardest things would be Fair Isle, Intarsia and socks, but also on a practical level chart reading--my eyes go crossed.
As far as getting your yarns mixed up, if you know it's mainly because you're anal...then you could use this as a mindfulness meditation and work on it and try to get through being so anal; however Elizabeth Zimmermann has a quote that might help or as a priest said when I was studying in seminary before I left, "let it become your mantra" and with that Fr. Burg quote here it is: "Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either. When I say properly practiced, I mean executed in a relaxed manner, without anxiety, strain, or tension, but with confidence, inventiveness, pleasure, and ultimate pride."
Welcome and I look forward to seeing pictures of your work.

Wow! Wha...whoa...whew! I am

Wow! Wha...whoa...whew! I am speechless. All I can od is wish you well and send a huge thanks for the warm welcome. I can't wait to see your work.

steve kadel's picture

i have an unfinished argyle

i have an unfinished argyle cardigan, almost done with another cardigan (no idea what the pattern is called) but it's one color except for some piping i had to throw in, and this site inspired me to try the falling leaf lace pattern as a scarf. just recently finished a wrap around (for pregnant cousin) number i was really happy with an easy spring weight sweater with a fairly easy lacy kind of pattern. i feel at a loss in naming stitches, yarns, etc. never learned them that way

UGH! Pattern names, yarns,

UGH! Pattern names, yarns, blah, blah, blah. I like that you don't know all of that stuff. You make what you like and you use what feels good. Nothing wrong with that. You definitely are ambitious. Go man go! Keep it up.

No need to be bashful

No need to be bashful Barrington. That is my job to be ;)

We appreciate most everyone I think.

You should post some of your stuff.

For me --- I am working on a shawl for someone at work. I am using the Barbara Walker stitch called seaweed.

As far as your questions, I am not as experienced but someone will be chiming in soon. Patience and time will help you get better too.

Welcome again!

NoNewWitticisms's picture

One of my friends made that

One of my friends made that seaweed shawl, and it's absolutely gorgeous. I thought it was a little weird until she blocked it, and my mind was blown. Maybe one day I'll be able to do that. :)

OK, I will try not to take

OK, I will try not to take your position away from you. :-)
Thanks for being the first to respond and making this a lot easier on me.
And, one day I will post some of my work. If I get up the nerve. :-)