My Sweater...done

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I finished my sweater. There was a slight mishap but now it is a cardigan and life is good...I just need someone to sew in a zipper. Yeah, this is an awful picture, but the nicer pictures are too big for this uploader program...however, if you check out my ravelry you can see nicer pictures without the weird double chin...joshvtknit


I say...looks like a zipper

I say...looks like a zipper type that is my vote. Oh...and I would have someone else do it for me!

The sweater looks great.

The sweater looks great. Love the colors you chose. Let us know if you decide to go with zipper or buttons. Maybe another pic??

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Looks great! I think buttons

Looks great! I think buttons or even wood toggles would look really good on that.


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I think it looks great - if

I think it looks great - if you want a zipper, just go to the fabric store, find one (a separating one) that's the right length, take it to the dry cleaner (or tailor) and they'll put it in for you -- painless :)


You could pick up and knit a

You could pick up and knit a button and buttonhole band which would be quite easy.

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Instead of having someone

Instead of having someone sew on a zipper, why not sew on a few buttons and then, I hope you're sitting down, stitch some button holes on the other side by basically sewing where you'll cut it and then cut it, it might be a little crude and painful but I know it can be used for arm holes in some sweaters done in the round, but with a nice finishing technique it should look great.