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This is the first project I've finished since I joined the site. I wanted something easy and quick to knit during the Oscars. It also let me work with a ball of CottonEase I'd bought and wanted to try out. It was washed and laid flat to dry, but I didn't make any attempt to block it. I will put it in the dog's traveling kit to wipe his feet off before he gets back in the car.

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What a fun pattern. Thanks

What a fun pattern. Thanks for the info on the site. I couldn't find the flamingo ... where was that? I love the Superman logo ... I'll be doing that one soon!

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Sorry the Flamingo wasn't on

Sorry the Flamingo wasn't on that site after all. You can find it here

I was searching around for something to work and obviously lost track of my research trail.

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That's really cute. Good

That's really cute. Good job.


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That's an adorable pattern!

That's an adorable pattern!

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Other than the pink

Other than the pink flamingo, it was my favorite from that site.

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Cotton dishclothes are

Cotton dishclothes are pretty much "self-blocking"; my mom supplies the family (which is why I don't make my own) and they travel through the washer and dryer beautifully.

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

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I hope it will hold up in

I hope it will hold up in the washer. The dog thinks it is against the law to walk around mud, so I'm sure it will get plenty of use.